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Ranking the films released in 2015 that I've seen
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My Favorite Film Each Year with some of my honorably mentioned favorites from that year. I mostly see American cinema; both hollywood and independent, and as such they tend to be my favorites.

Filmmakers with the Most Appearances:

Scorsese: 7
Hitchcock: 6
Kubrick: 5
Kurosawa: 4
Tarantino: 3
Coen Brothers: 3
Ford Coppola: 3
Lynch: 3
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Ranking every film I've seen that's had either a theatrical release, festival release or straight to dvd/on demand release
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I have not seen Kundun, The Last Temptation of Christ, Age of Innocence, Who's That Knocking At My Door or The Color of Money
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I'm not picking Directors Like Michael Bay, Brett Ratner or Joel Schumacher who are widely regarded as crap; I'm picking filmmakers who are often regarded as great filmmakers.
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I've ranked every zombie film I've seen, the zombie films not on this list are films I haven't seen
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A list compiling the greatest, most burly lumerjack beards. No particular order
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I love those original horrors like vampyr, Nosferatu and things like that; but I enjoy them more on the same level I enjoy classical cinema, not as horrors

I Saw The Devil = I really, really liked this movie, but I don't really consider it a horror, it was more along the lines of oldboy

Shaun of the Dead & Zombieland = One of My favorite satire/comedies of all time but I wouldn't call it a horror because I never felt on the edge of my seat or nervous

Pan's Labyrinth = I don't get how many say this was a horror, for me it was a fantasy/drama, that being said absolutely amazing
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For films to qualify, they must be below 7.5

A work in progress atm. Leave comments for other films to suggest too.
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This is a list of my favourite TV shows that are still being produced. I have yet to watch Breaking Bad, Californication or Weeds but I've been meaning to.

Entourage and Rescue Me would be there, but they just ended
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In my opinion of course... a work in progress
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I laughed so hard at all of these movies... too bad they weren't supposed to be funny

I could never sit through an Ed Wood film, but I know they are the cream of the crap

Feel free to suggest more hilarious unintentional comedies
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It's hard to put them in order of best, so the list is mostly unordered but is roughly where I see them fitting in terms of their greatness and impact

I have put three stars beside the films that I think are the most influencial

Honorable Mentions:
David Fincher, Oliver Stone, Brian De Palma (Only for his early work), Bernardo Bertolucci, Chan wook Park, Abbas Kiarostami

I have only seen Battleship Potemkin from Eisenstein and while I think it is incredible, I want to see at least one more film from him before I decide on him. Chances are that anyone else I didn't mention I haven't seen many or any films from but I am open to suggestions. I have not seen enough from Haneke, Pasolini and many others who are highly esteemed to have them included.

I do not like Spielberg, Zemekis or anything of a similar nature and although I like Star Wars I don't think that makes Lucas a great director. James Cameron falls into the boat where I enjoy his films but don't think he's great and certainly not one of the best (just slightly above average). I'm not a fan of hollywood pictures in general
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I'm not saying these are the worst movies of all time; some of these movies are rather competent but IMO these films are not at all worthy of the high praise they receive. They are simply average or decent movies that have been heavily over acclaimed.