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"Homeland" (2011)
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Incredible thrilling show with a brilliant and exciting action!, 11 December 2012

I've found out about this TV show from a friend of mine. He told me only one thing : it's a masterpiece. When I saw the plot, I had my doubts that I was going to like it very much. But happily, I was wrong. This show exceeded my expectations since the first episodes and it proves that it's not necessary to have a bunch of top rated actors and a well known director to make a great-catchy show. Better than every drama series that you ever seen : this breath-taking show deserves a lot more appreciations than it was granted.

First of all , the performance of Claire Danes is a Oscar-worth one. She is playing the role of an CIA analyst who believes the newly recovered prisoner of war is a terrorist and it represents a main role in Abu Nazir's plan to attack America . Her high quality acting keeps a steady pace from the first episodes to the last one. Testament to that is her completely deserved Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama.

So far, so good - but there's more . Damian Lewis a.k.a. Sergeant Nicholas Brody is playing the role of his life in this show. They couldn't get anyone who could fit better in his character. As a soldier who was far from home for over 8 years, his homecoming is disturbing for him, as well as for his family. Soon he comes home, the realization that he doesn't fit in his own family makes him look for his happiness somewhere else. The story complicates even more with every episode, maintaining a permanent pulse of excitement and intense emotions which will keep you addicted and waiting for the next episode.

I won't tell more than this : this show deserves an Oscar . An Oscar for every little thing that is on the show: the cast, the writers ,the main characters ,the story and so on .It keeps you waiting for more, it leaves you thinking what could happen next .And right when you expect less - Boom ! It hits you with a thing that you never thought it would happen.

For me, this is by far the best drama TV show and I won't give it less than 10/10.

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A thrilling violent masterpiece of the Korean Cinematography, 21 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is not for everyone . If you have heart problems or you just simple hate blood ,Don't watch it . Usually , I don't watch this kind of movies .A Korean movie about an serial killer ? Let's be serious , which one of you would watch this as an unknowing of Korean cinematography ?

But enough of that .Back to the movie.The movie is well-done build .If you're expecting any Hollywood predictable scenes , you're gonna be surprised . The way that the movie was filmed brings a thrill to all the newcomers in Korean cinematography .

The viewer has a lot of close-ups with the main characters as well as the fight between them . The mind-psychological war is build on the damage that the both main characters gets . It's not about who's stronger ,it's about who has a bigger will to destroy the opponent .

The devil is performed by Min-sik Choi which is known for Oldboy and Lady Vengeance . In the other corner we have Byung-hun Lee , known for The Good ,The Bad and The Weird and the Korean drama series Iris ( Ailiseu) . The acting is stunning .From a long time i didn't seen such a well defined expressions of the main characters .The characterization through actions won't mislead you . The devil ,a ' serial killer ' or a 'monster ' acts perfectly for his stereotype : a misfit of the society ,a sick guy degraded to extreme , a vicious single man who lost his faith in humanity .He's the Devil .The one who does bad things without searching for a reason .His opponent is not the good embodied .In fact he's not even the justice as his job is meant to be . He's symbolizing Vengeance,Vengeance taken to extreme .His Will to keep his promise and destroy his wife's assassin is bigger than his will to live and protect the ones he love .A fatal mistake which will be his tombstone .His lack of emotions is showing that he changed .He lost everything : his wife , his life and even more .You may think he lost his human part , but you'll have a surprise in the end .

I really enjoyed watching this movie .Yes ,it's violent .Yes ,it doesn't have a happy ending .If you still believe in fairy tales - don't watch it .This is a blowing-mind movie with two people who swings between madness and killer instinct .

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''Time to grow up " - A loyalty lesson from Gabriel, 11 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Dad loved you best. More than Michael. More than me. And then he brought the new baby home and you couldn't handle it."

Greatest acting performance of all the Supernatural episodes was in this one . What can i say ,Gabriel's speech was awesome .He wasn't a demon , but he read Lucifer's mind since he disobeyed .He didn't want to kill his brother , even if he could .

Just my opinion , but i think he could kill Lucifer easy .He could trap him or help Dean and Sam lock him . But no , he rather learn Lucifer an loyalty lesson and die . And he did , but not until he was sure that he can prove to his brother that he's wrong what did he do ? He gave humanity hope . He gave Sam and Dean a test ( gathering the 4 rings ) .

what happened next ? You'll see .

P.S Richard Speight Jr. is a real actor ,he deserves more than 4 episodes on a great series .