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yet to watch some of the great shows! but this is the list of the best so far!
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a list of 19 titles
a list of 26 titles
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list contains my favorite film of the every year till now!
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Vishal Bhardwaj movies in order of how much i liked.
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All films from 2013 (Excluded Bollywood)
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Brad Pitt is at top, rest are in alphabetically. love them all.

and i am not talking about great actors, but favrotie actors. though all of them are great imo.
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A list of my favorite superhero movies in order of how much i love.
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In alphabetical order after the first one!
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In Alphabetical order.
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Movies so far i've seen from this year other than Indian Movies.
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movies from bollywood in 2011, so far i've seen..
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A list of movies i've seen directed by Alfred Hitchcock in order of how much i loved.
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this is not a performance based list,, a list of the characters i love most ...
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yet to watch so many movies, will keep updating.
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Swadesh is on top as its my favorite (also to add face to list) rest are alphabetically!
love old movies too but problem is that i watched them in my childhood so can't remember with name.