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good start, then too many pills..., 25 January 2013

I really liked the first 3 episodes, the idea and the cast was good. Filming location was nice and there was a good suspense the first 4 episodes. But after it became tragically "thin" to quote lethal weapon.

If I would have been a shogun I would request seppuku from the writers. Or less extreme I would be Yakusa boss I would ask for some fingers... No really dear writers it would help you type less stupidities.

The series should have been only six episodes and with less nonsense it could have been great. The cast did a super job with such a low material. But yeah ... I understand the writers, they have been requested 13 episodes and the opportunity of s2...

Thanks "Heaven's gate"... could someone say the execs and marketing you sucks... PS: Michael you are the best.

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This film will not help to make a better world. No..., 20 January 2013

The only question I have in me is: Is this movie done to shock and ask why America is spiting on human rights? or is it to justify it? Technically the movie is fine and the actors good as it succeeded to make me dislike them. It is a pity that the message is so unclear. Ah no yes ... message is torture helped us to fight evil...

Shocking... leaving a lot of questions to me. Disgusting display and pseudo "justification" of human rights violation... poor world. IF this film depicts reality these people should be prosecuted in Nuremberg... I was used to movies without scenario. But this has a scenario and it follows real event I am afraid.

As a conclusion, as showing usage of torture getting result without highlighting the immorality and illegality of torture, I unfortunately imagine this film will "justify" torture in the eyes of younger audience. I have read very hard and justified reviews here.

This film will not help to make a better world. No...

Branded (2012)
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good scenario but not for younger audience, 9 January 2013

This movie is going against the waves. Rambo/action/sport fans do not look. But if you open your eyes and question yourself about our civilization. This movie is very funny, full of reflexions, frightening and in the end built with a lot of ingredients to become a movie classic.

Yes yes... let's wait and time make it's work (when I see most reviews I guess the movie will need time :-) ).

Speaking of professional critics, when I see the reviews for Branded I wonder what are the requirements to become a critic... When a movie is so different than the usual film, when an original idea is treated from a to z in an interesting way. Should not they try to stimulated us Public to see the movie...

To go back on Branded, the scenario is good. Actors are OK. The severals acts of the movie are fine (first part could be shorter). It could be less confusing but the result is worth watching.

It is not a film for younger audience no real love story no real action. It is about asking questions.

Drive (2011/I)
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Bad... with a sparkle., 3 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The scenario is weak. 8.3/10 Really ??

A stunt driver who make money on the side OK good... BUT Ryan speaks less than terminator in this film. When he kills someone it is gore action, such a character should be portrayed in criminal minds...

The love story does not add up : How can a mother fall in love with this character (the guy, when spoken to, waits 10 seconds before answering... Rocky was more poetic in his speeches :) Let's go back to the love story. He loves the woman (Carey) and wants to protect her, and at the end, he leaves with the cash and let her to a sad future.

The mafia bosses : Are they plain stupid ? alone to a "hot" meeting. Unable to defend themselves... As last comment, since when a boss will do a job himself.

In short it is a story about a half autistic psycho who fall in love. This new love leads him to a path of violence and self destruction. At the end he leaves alone with 1 million dollars letting The girl by herself...

"It is illogical Captain"