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Death Proof, 8 March 2010

Death Proof is an action movie made by Quentin Tarantino. The subject is about stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) who terrorises women with his Muscle Cars in Texas. In the end three women in a '70 Dodge Challenger turn the whole thing and finally beat Mike quite hard. The movie is an homage to the B-movies of the 1970's and it does very well on this. With cool dialogues, cool car stunts and an overall bunch of action it keeps the viewer eyes nailed to the TV until the end. I really think people who like this kind of movies should watch it because it's really a masterpiece of Quentin Tarantino. The composition of all the different things make it quite different to other movies and there is no time when this all could get boring.

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great!, 4 March 2010

I think Whale Rider is a great and incredibly moving film. When I've seen it first i wanted to watch it right again because i liked it that much. The astonishing acting of Keisha Castle-Hudges and the way the camera direction is done gives the whole film an unexpected authenticity which makes the movie look like a documentation film and gives the viewer the impression of being in the middle of it. That everything is linked together but often unexpressed supports this effect.

The film makes you want to discover the culture of the Maori and whole New Zealand. After having watched it you want to know if it's realistic shown in the film or if it isn't realistic what would have been it.

It's one of my favorite movies and I think the message of it, that we should fight for our rights and what we deserve is a very important one.

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Confusing yet thrilling plot, 4 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the best gangster movies, I've ever seen. The story is quiet confusing but at the same time really conclusive.

In the beginning there's nothing really special, you see a young guy (Matt Damon) infiltrating the Massachusets States Police and delivering information to his friend and boss of the Irish Mafia Costello (Jack Nicholson). But not long after he is grouped into a new unit, an other young guy (Leonardo DiCaprio) begins to work for the Police and in turn infiltrates Costello's gang. That's when the story becomes exciting. As the two characters get used to their new environments, the viewer often doesn't really know anymore who is the good guy and who the bad guy. You might not know who is more sympathetic to you until the end which is very abrupt and, in my opinion, a little bit special.

Although the plot sounds really nice (and it is of course!), also this movie has its faults. The two main characters advance in their ranks really fast, which is not really realistic. Also both of them work straight for their side. I think good and bad can't be defined like black and white, but like tones of gray, and so the characters should act too.

There are negative points in this movie, nobody can deny it. But the positive side of the movie is clearly dominant. It's a must for fans of gangster movies and I totally recommend it to everyone who likes a thrilling plot and lots of action.

Good Will Hunting, 4 March 2010

Good Will Hunting is a moving drama which talks about what makes life livable.

Although Will grew up in humble circumstances and with no parents he's a very talented young man with a great memory and an enormous ability to solve complex mathematics problem.

Because Will's such a genius and had read that many books he thinks to know everything about life. It's Sean – a psychiatrist – who shows him that he doesn't. Will starts to understand that there are things in life you can't read or learn but you have to experience. So as love.

The movie shows in a great way that there are things we can't explain logically. And that it's worth to fight for the one you love. Even if it means that you have to change your life or give something else up. Especially the end, where Will gives up his old life for a girl is very memorable and moving.

How High (2001)
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How High, 4 March 2010

„What is that stench?" „Oh, that's my cologne, cannabis for men." How High is a must see for all people all over the world who like movies about weed. The movie is very innovative and funny and you won't be bored one minute while watching it. It's about two young, black men, called Silas and Jamal, who don't have any prospects in their lives until Silas' best friend Ivory dies. Silas uses his ashes as a fertilizer for some of his new cannabis plants. Smoking Silas' marijuana called "Ivory", Silas and Jamal get to know each other in front of the building they are going to do the entrance exam for college. They soon realize that Ivory appears as a ghost as soon as they start smoking "Ivory". Both of them pass the exam with perfect scores and they decide to go to college...

The main roles of Silas and Jamal are played by two famous rappers called Method Man and Redman, who have got lots of good feedbacks for their excellent acting. Soundtracks were taken from their current album, which has the same name as the movie. Camera doesn't switch a lot what makes the movie very slow.

To sum up, there has never been a movie like "How High" before what makes it very revolutionary. It gives you another, humorous view of how life on campus could be.

Avatar (2009)
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Masterpiece! Must see!, 4 March 2010

I saw the masterpiece "Avatar", an epic movie from James Cameron, some time ago over an internet site and some days later also a second time in cinema. It was seriously the best film I've ever seen.

The plot is rather simple for a film which is almost three hours long, but you really can feel whats going on in the inside of the characters. Acting isn't really important in this film because most of the film is made by technology, but the acting which is done is really nice. The music always fits perfectly to the mood of the film. The best part next to the plot is of course the mind blowing use of technology. They used the relatively new 3-D technology like they've been working with it for ages.

As we know today, "Avatar" broke a lot of records in film history, 14 nominees for Oscars, 33 other winnings, which show that this film is definitely a masterpiece in the history of cinema and shows whats possible these days with our technology.

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Dave Luthi: film review, 4 March 2010

I saw this excellent movie about a year ago and I was really moved by the story, especially because it's based on a true piece of history.

The movie is very thrilling and exciting. The problem of racism is perfectly illustrated by the segregation of black and white people in school. The situation of African Americans in the 1930s is very well represented in this movie.

The actors did a very convincing job. They were able to convey the fear, severity, hope and anxiety of each character to the audience. The alteration of the quality of each debater is very well performed. Every debate following a previous one increases your tension. The final debate against Harvard is simply mind-blowing and moving!

Denzel Washington did a great job as a Director and deserves high praise for this wonderful movie.

Titanic (1997)
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Titanic, 4 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How long does it take until a passenger liner is gone under? Ten minutes? Half an hour? No; it's almost incredible but it can take more then three hours. Titanic, a big passenger liner is on his way from England to the USA. During the journey a rich, young women called Rose meets the young, poor Jack Dowson. After seeing the trailer you know everything what will happen. It's a love story with tragic end like you have seen in a lot of movies. The plot is absolutely hackneyed. The first two hours are terribly boring and kitschy. A man meets a woman. They fall in love. That's all. Furthermore, the move is accompanied by the ugly voice of Celin Dion with her overrated song, my heart will go on, which consists only few chords. In short, the movie is no worth seeing.

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Hello Forrest =), 3 March 2010

He made a great step forward literally.. First he had his legs wrapped in iron and later he ran through the hole United States, just because he wanted to run, just carefree. This person has to be kind of naive or not? From the little kid that got mobbed to a national personality- that's the story of Forrest, Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump was actually the first movie that made me cry at the end. One now might think that it is a really sad story but there's also a lot of happiness in there. All that great things that naive Forrest experiences made me laugh.

Although it is a quite long movie I could watch it again and again just because it's also very funny sometimes, it's the mix, I think between sadness and happiness that makes this movie one of the greatest ever.

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ghettogangz 2, 3 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Typical french action-film as we already know it from taxi, the 5th element and other films of the famous director Luc Besson. David Belle, the founder and master in the trend-sport "parcour" shows his best moves. Although the film is VERY unrealistic through scenes like meetings with the president, bombs to destroy the ghetto around Paris or jumps through windows directly into the car, i really like it because it's a typical funny and action-filled movie as we know it from Luc Besson, and it reminds me slightly of "The Transporter" , maybe because Cyril Raffaelli almost looks the same as Jason Statham and also their fight-styles are similar. One thing i have to say is, that after the first film the story is a little bit repeating itself, the fights between the gangs and the drama around "banlieue 13" were already in the previous story, but in fact most of the viewers don't want to see a intelligent film with deep background, the incredible moves, jumps and fights between David Belle and the Police, the Action around the "ghettogangs", thats what convinces me to like this film.

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