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You know a movie's good when........, 10 February 2010

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Well, I'm going to answer my own question and say that I know a movie's good when my boyfriend likes it! His favourite movie is Pearl Harbor! At least that's got a crappy love story in there too, so a better example is his other favorite movie - Rush Hour.

I wanted to see Little Black Dress because I heard the star was an Asian actor. There is an Asian girl in a big role, but the star looks more like Liv Tyler type to me. She's a stunner alright. Everyone in this movie is gorgeous enough for the catwalk. But they can act too, and the story is so different and just changes on you without doing dumb gimmicky things.

That's what I loved the most, the fact that Little Black Dress is one of the fews i've ever seen that just doesn't stop. What I mean is that most movies start, and then something happens, then you know a few other things have to happen before the story can end. But Little Black Dress keeps going and going in such a confident and non-stop way. Sometimes I guess I did seem a little lost, but that almost seemed to be part of the plan when I thought about it.

So what's it about, and why am I loving it? Well it's about a girl who gets her own reality TV show and wins all these prizes and even makes the producer get a thing for her. It's pretty insane and wild. Everything goes wrong though and the dramas happen very quickly, which is where it got confusing. But like I said, you won't get bored. I love the music too. There were some scenes where the film looked like a video for a singer or something.

This was a treat to see and I recommend it to anyone that's a romantic but doesn't just want seen-it-before romance. One other thing too, Australia looks great in this movie! A nice postcard I thought.