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A Great Show With Great Potential Ruined By A Stupid Disagreement, 26 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this show as a kid. Even Fox Kids was not broad casted in my country i often got episodes from local video houses. I always wished to see the full animated series as a child but i never got to.

Now after all those years i noticed the name of this show on wikipedia and i remembered that this is the same show i always wanted to watch as a child. I was jubilant to learn that all of the episodes are available on so with great expectations i started watching the episodes with sweet memories of my childhood.

First of all let me make it clear that the show focused on spiderman's private life so much as it did on his superhero adventures. So mary jane and peter's relationship is a recurring issue throughout the series. The first four seasons of the show were brilliant to say the least. I had so much high expectations from season 5 but ultimately i was shattered. First of all we get to see our beloved hero finally tie the knot with mary jane then all of a sudden we see that it was all a lie and that after all that happened she was just a clone and she just disintegrates right in front of spiderman's eyes. This was the most depressing footage i ever saw on screen and i was just shattered. I hate to admit it i even fell into tears. Even Batman who is the most darkest superhero of all doesn't have such a depressing story line whether it is live action or animation or even for that matter comics.

After that i got hold of myself and i hoped that peter reunites with mary jane in the finale. But it was not all that i had expected. After i watched the final episode i felt betrayed and i just wanted to smash my computer screen. It was a terrible end. After all that inter dimensional saga we didn't even saw mary jane's face in the finale. It pained me so much. Then i surfed through the internet hoping to get some answers and with much to my dismay i found out that the proposed next season was cancelled just because of some stupid disagreement between the channel head and show's executive producer. This is just awful. I mean how could they do this to us. Do they think the audience are really that foolish? Very disappointing end indeed. I feel dismal now to have ever watched the show. Forget about me i watched the show in a matter of few days but what about the audience that watched the show for years and they were never a given a satisfying end. Do i have to now check the climax of every show before watching it to know whether the end is satisfying or not. It's completely understandable to cancel a program due to production troubles, drop in ratings etc but even for that one should provide something satisfying so that the audience who remained loyal to them regardless of their quantity are satisfied. As for this show even if some disagreements occurred they should have made a special episode tying up all the loose ends. What harm could it have done anyone to produce one more episode just to satisfy the fans. Still if that was difficult they should have ended the show with the episode the wedding where it could have been shown that he had sacrificed everything that he had for the good of the city and now it was time for him to happy. There must be some sort of limitation on every show that doesn't allow it to end abruptly. The channels have to take up that responsibility. The audience have had enough of shows that leave them hanging and disappointed.

Overall i would rate the show 5 out of 10. I know many fans of the show will not agree. My sincere apology to them but my personal view is that the end was not appropriate and i think most people will agree about that. I can't rate the show more than 5 because of just a terrible climax. What the climax did to my feelings was exactly the same Bane tried to do to Gotham in the dark knight rises movie. First devastate them. That was done to me by the clone saga. Then give them false hope which was given to me by the fact that there are still episodes remaining and then completely destroy them which was done to me by the climax. Had the show been given a climax i would have rated this 10 out of 10 even thought i felt awful about the clone saga.

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Brilliant But Still A Little Overrated!!, 22 August 2012

First of all i would like to say that the avengers is marvel's best film to date and there are quite a few positives in the film.

The direction and screenplay is nothing short of brilliant. Joss Whedon deserves a lot of credit. The film could have gone awfully wrong with so much heroes in one film but the director has successfully tightened up all loose ends. For a film in which so much characters are sharing one screen space you would expect a lot of things to go wrong but not in this one.

The acting was nothing short of brilliant. All the characters were completely faithful to their roles but the standout was Mark Ruffalo as the hulk. He was nothing short of amazing. I won't be surprised if marvel makes a stand alone hulk film with him.

The special effects were outstanding. I have never seen anything like it in any film before.

Now to the negatives about the film. One of them is the soundtrack that doesn't quite live upto expectations.

The other is the dialogue. As far as i can think there were no memorable dialogues at all. All were pretty mediocre.

The main negative thing about the film was the lack of emotional depth which was in abundance in spiderman 2 and nolan's batman trilogy.

Overall i would say it is a brilliant film but a little overrated. I don't think it should be more than 8 on IMDb. 8.6 is too much and very close to TDK and TDKR which were pure masterpieces. However it is marvel's best film upto date and certainly raises the bar for marvel at the movies.

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Pure Masterpiece!!, 20 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since i am a huge fan of Batman, i was waiting ever so keenly for this film and believe me it was worth the wait. First of all the writers are to be congratulated, they have written a beautiful script that almost matches the standards set by the dark knight. Every thing from the beginning to the climax is perfectly written.

However what really made the film into a masterpiece was the direction, screenplay and the soundtrack which made every scene into an epic one. Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer should seriously be considered for Oscars. The running time of the film was 2 hrs 45 mins. You would expect to get bored in such a lengthy film but the director does it so brilliantly that i even didn't realize that the film was already over. I have seen 100s of movies but never did i watch such brilliance in individual scenes. Two of them that stand out are the one in which Bruce escpaes the pit and the climax where the police take on all the escaped prisoners. These were just pure cinematic masterpieces. The film has a stunning conclusion. It is very tricky to provide a conclusion to a character which has a huge worldwide fan following. But Mr. Nolan does it so convincingly that it kept me hooked for the next 3 hours after watching the film. Bravo to the director whose gone that extra mile.

About the acting well, Christian Bale is brilliant as usual. But the standout performers were Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy. Tom Hary as Bane is brilliant. Yes i agree his dialogue was a little hard to hear but i understood most of the dialogue in the important scenes. The mask gave him that terrifying personality so i would not refer it as the weakness of the film. Rather it is the film's strength. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle is brilliant. Anyone will be blown away by her performance. Sir Michael Cane, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman have done a brilliant job once again. It is difficult to catch the eye of the audience who were already entertained by Batman, Bane and Selina but the supporting cast is equally good. Never in any point of the film do they disappoint. Marion Cottilard as Miranda/Talia also gave a satisfying performance. Some people have argued that in the end Bane turned out to be the same mindless thug like in Batman and Robin. Seriously, I would disagree it is very clear that Bane is pretty much has an independent personality and thinking. I can refer to numerous scenes in the film but that would make the review too long so i would refer to only one scene in the climax where Talia tells him to let Batman live so that he could watch his beloved city die but when Talia leaves Bane is about to kill Batman against Talia's will. So i hope that pretty much proves a lot.

Some people have argued that the film is flawed but with respect i would disagree. Those who have watched the first two films and this one closely would never say that.

Overall i would say it is a stunning conclusion to a stunning series that has loads of action and great emotional depths. The only thing that the film doesn't have is Heath Ledger that makes it some what short than the dark knight but i am not taking anything away from the film and Tom Hardy. If someone were to fill in the boots left by Heath it was Tom Hardy. A must watch film. A true masterpiece!!

Note: I apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors. English isn't my native language

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Kabir Khan's Worst Film To Date, 19 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since it is a Salman Khan starer one shoudn't expect much. But this movie turns out to be worse than one would ever think. To begin with Mr. Kabir Khan is confused in his approach. Throughout the film i got the feeling that he failed to decide whether this was a pure entertainment film or a spy thriller set in a realistic world. For instance we are given the impression that Raw and ISI are no different and at the same time the film shows Salman Khan beating dozens of ISI agents at the same time.

Now lets come to the plot which was all flawed and beats logic. At the beginning of the film we are shown that tiger aka salman khan is more of a man of action rather than an actual spy. Still he is handed over a mission that requires an agent far more patient and much more intelligent than he is. Surely one would think that Raw had better agents for this mission. Then lets come to the portrayal of ISI in the film. ISI is shown to be far more weaker than it actually is. No wonder why the film got banned in Pakistan. To prove my point let me refer to the scene in which Katrina Kaif revealed to be an ISI agent is stealing classified information from the professor's computer. Tiger sneaks up from behind and all of a sudden we realize that zoya aka katrina doesn't even have a gun. Then our superhero Salman beats and kills another ISI agent right in front of Zoya and she just stands there crying. Surely any agent even a female would take some sort of action in a situation like that Real stupid and forgettable scene. Our patriotic Tiger then goes on the run with his love Zoya. And two patriotic agents are shown to be choosing love over country. The climax is worst. How could Tigerpossibly be hopping around the globe with a mere 23 lacs?

As far as acting is concerned, Salman satisfies so does the supporting cast but can't say the same for Katrina. Some of the respected critics in India praised Katrina but with respect i would disagree. Even though she has improved but her dialogue delivery and on screen expressions are still far from being satisfactory.

Overall a very lame film. This one made Bodyguard and Ready look much better films. At least the directors knew that they were making nothing more than a pure entertainment film.

On the positive side is the soundtrack and some breathtaking stunts for which i would give the film a 4 out of 10. I hope Kabir Khan returns to what he does best i.e. making films on serious subjects. One really wonders is this the same director that gave us excellent films like New York and Kabul Express.

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another remake of a Hollywood film!, 10 February 2010

This movie is a good entertainer but once again its a remake of a Hollywood film. The storyline resembles Jackie chan's miracles. Akshay kumar's performance was good which i think made the film a hit. The songs are fine but i think its time that bollywood directors use their own brains. Vipul shah should have tried to change the storyline. The ending was stupid. I guess "too much cooks spoil the broth". i heard that they r now planning to make a sequel. I don't see how the story will move further but i hope that this time the story will not be copied. i would recommend this film to everyone because its a family entertainer but don't expect something extraordinary because its a light hearted comedy.