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6 November 2014
Wes Anderson's style was so enjoyable with this lovely story. I've seen other films by him like Moonrise Kingdom and Bottle Rocket, but this is by far my favorite. This movie has characters that are charming and endearing along with a funny story. My absolute favorite thing about this movie was the dialogue between M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) and any of the other characters. He was just perfectly hilarious while being so well mannered and polite. Movies with delicious looking food is also a plus. The bakery pastries looked so cute along with everything else in this gorgeous film. The mansion, hotels, and even the prison settings were wonderful to look at. It sort of also reminded me of the movie A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes bittersweet funny movies.
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Childhood Memories
17 October 2014
My mom bought my brother and I this on VHS when we were like six. We were in love with it and still are! No matter where we would go we had to take it with us so we wouldn't die of boredom. The songs, the haunted house, the characters, and the riddles were all fun and mysterious to us. We also have the Grimace Island tape and the one where Hamburgler goes to outer space, but his one will always be my favorite because it was the first one and it's much more scary and engaging. There are funny lines as well and some magic. I loved all the little trap doors in the house and the creepy man behind the door. This is overall a great movie for little kids.
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If I Stay (2014)
A movie about life and death
10 September 2014
This movie had me sucked in from beginning to end. I like the documentary feel to it that made the movie seem even more realistic. And the relationship between the two characters was also fun to watch. This movie has a great message too. There are funny, dramatic, and very serious parts that show people's humanity. I liked that the main character wasn't perfect and had her flaws along with everyone else. I do wish thought that they showed more of the family so the audience could have a connection with them too. When I decide if a movie is good is if the ending was good along with all the rest of the movie, and this one didn't disappoint. I just really loved it and hope to see the sequel soon.
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uh fricken mazing
9 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't want to sound like I'm hyping up this movie, but man it's been a long time since I saw a movie that was this good. I was completely absorbed from beginning to end. When the characters were panicking, I was panicking.The dialog did seem kind of off at first, but it got really good once it came time for going to the catacombs. This movie was so creepy that I got goosebumps. I recommend that no one watches the trailer to be even more creeped out because the trailer has all the good parts. I like movies like this with some substance I guess. Room 1408 was one of my favorites too. It's full of supernatural moments and has references about alchemy, Egyptians, and history. The quality of the camera work was nice too even if it was the style of a documentary. I could clearly see what was happening. The story was top notch too. The main character, Scarlett, reminds me of the character from The Mummy, Evey. She's looking for a philosopher's stone that has power to heal. You guys just have to watch it, explaining it won't give it any justice.
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Insidious (I) (2010)
Watched it completely alone in a theater room with... still left me feeling like I got ripped off
9 May 2011
Okay first of all, I was expecting to be scared out of my wits. The beginning left me wanting to leave the theater because the music was so loud and creepy especially because I was at a matinée and no one was there except me. The movie drags for so long. Some scenes feel like Paranormal Activity. Realistic and boring... just waiting for the good parts. I felt as if I was in a cheap haunted house during Halloween. I thought the point of this movie was for the child to be evil and do crazy stuff, but that only happens occasionally and he is completely zombiefied. I would've given this movie 1 star, but there were some scenes I particularly liked. For instance, the scene of the insane family in The Further towards the end and the scene where the little boy's tormentor is up in his crazy room with his machines and clocks... The plot of the story is plain boring. The lines were so dreadful and the actors I just felt like punching in the face especially the father. The only decent and interesting character was the old women who came to help and the other little brother. Everyone else seemed tired and uninterested almost as much as I was. I was falling asleep and forcing myself to watch until the last 20 minutes came in. After that, the mood I got from it was bad. This movie is so cheesy, and I had no trouble sleeping. If you want to watch something scary just pop in The Exorcist.
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Free Thinker, Fence. or Follower?
20 April 2010
I just saw this movie in my band class because of testing and I can't believe I never heard of it before. This film has a great cast and right. People shouldn't have to go along with everybody if they have different dreams of their own. Neil, one the Free Thinker at school but Follower and home, wanted to become an actor but his jealous and controlling father gave him no other option. Todd, my favorite and a Fencer, isn't sure whether he wants to go along with what everybody is doing instead of following his heart and he is jealous of his friend Neil because he has trouble speaking in front of people and has a low self esteem. Yes, Cameron is a Follower who goes by the rules no matter what. The ruler he used to tear off the pages of his book is an example that he only goes by the rules and never bends them only if someone asks him to. Mr. Keening is my favorite character because he interacts with his students in such an effective way that gets them interested in the class. And the comments he says sometimes are just plain hilarious. I just like the overall message about Siezing the Day and that we are all worm food so why live our life according to how others want us to live them? We all like different passions and dislikes and shouldn't feel afraid to get out of our little fence of protection, safety, isolation, fear, or security. We must come out of our comfort zones to fully live. Being Alive is not just breathing and moving, it's living for what we believe in and acting on those beliefs accordingly. That is when we will truly make a difference.
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Fiction captured on film
8 February 2010
This movie was just so lovely. Yes, it's about a murder committed by a phyco path so it may not be anyone's cup of tea, but I love the whole fiction of it all; going somewhere in the in between after you die where everything is perfect until your ready to move on, from being able to connect with your loved ones like the main character did with her father. Some people didn't like the film and claimed the director didn't care, but he was simply brilliant from the beginning to the end. His message is that life should be treasured. It, after all, started with the narration of the young girl already being dead which reminds me of another work of art American Beauty from 1999. The movie focuses on letting go, not the suffering of the family and that made me feel something. The movie ended with the narration of the murdered character speaking directly to the audience. To end this short, Lovely Bones is a film I will never forget and I definitely recommend it. Btw I haven't read the book.
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