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Home Alone 4 (2002) (TV)
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Total Crap, 12 January 2004

All i have to say is that this is the worst movie of all time. This makes Santa with Muscles and Plan 9 from outer Space look like Casablanca.

This should not even be apart of the Home Alone franchise because it drags the whole series down.

WWE Backlash (2003) (TV)
Not the worst of the year, 4 September 2003

Backlash was built on the shoulders of two men. Rock/Goldberg might not have been the greatest match in the world but it was entertaining none the less.

Lesnar/Cena was much better than i expected. Despite what another user said Cena is the real next big thing. His wrestling talents need improvement but his character is very unique and will get him to the top of the card.

Benjamin/Haas vs Guerreros was a very good tag match and the best match of the night.

Now onto the negatives. Basically everything else was pedestrian with the worst being the lame 6-man tag match.

Thumbs in the middle for this event leaning down slightly.

WWE Bad Blood (2003) (TV)
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Another let down, 4 September 2003

Although it wasn't as big a dud as Judgment Day this was still bad.

Nash vs Triple H- bad, bad match. Mick Foley was the only interesting thing about this match. Hey Hunter you will never be an all time great. You were given three shots to get a decent match out of Nash and you failed every time. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels carried him to excellent matches every time they were in the ring with him.

Y2J vs Goldberg- good match carried by Jericho.

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels- A match that should have been given half an hour but was reduced to a measly 15 minutes. Best match of the night by a fair margin.

Booker vs Christian- Was passable until the worthless finish.

Kane/RVD vs La Resistance- Another passable time filler.

Everything else was pathetic to say the least. The main one being the Austin-Bischoff redneck triathlon. I cant understand why matches weren't given time to develop why these two took up half an hour of time. And also why not have 11 or 12 matches just for the sake of having everyone on PPV. That would make the Raw Roster happy seeing as they would receive royalties out of the PPV and therefore would be excited to work unlike what we get now with half hearted efforts.

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Not that good, 1 September 2003

This DVD is nothing more than a profile of Lesnars' first year and a half in the WWE. There is nothing of note surrounding his childhood or his amateur wrestling days. There is way too much focus on his WWE career and not enough insight into the man.

The DVD extras on the other hand are well worth the money featuring his tussles against Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Two Big Show matches.

Buy this in DVD because the matches are the only good thing going for it. The documentary portion is the pits.

WWE Judgment Day (2003) (TV)
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This was pathetic, 22 May 2003

I agree with the other imdb user. This PPV was the pits, ladder bout aside. The segments between Austin-Bischoff were amusing but we dont buy the PPVs to watch interviews. This was probably the worst card since King of the Ring 95 and that event was just inferior to this one. If you havent seen this event, DONT.

"Seinfeld" (1989)
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The greatest show ever, 21 April 2003

This show will go down as the greatest of all time. WHY? because it doesn't follow the formula. It is hard to find an episode or storyline which aren't original or cliched. All the characters are relateable and play amazingly off each other. The supporting characters go against the grain as well. I liken this show to Frasier where you have to have a brain to get most of the jokes. This is better than Frasier but. This is the best and whoever doesnt appreciate should watch more than five minutes at a time to get the jokes. Or those people that dont get it should go watch shows that cater for unintelligent people.

WWE Armageddon (2002) (TV)
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Bad way to end the year, 3 April 2003

Armageddon was a bad way to end the WWE calender. With the exception of the Benoit-Guerrero stormer there was no other good matches on the card. Kurt Angle performed a miracle by carrying Big Show to a watchable match. The Shawn Michaels - Triple H bout was a dead set snooze fest. The action was very lame and the result very predictable. BAD Pay Per View.