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Tonights the really, 21 October 2012

I wasn't sure it was ever gonna happen (and especially not so quickly)but i think i've found a show that challenges Dexter.

Breaking Bad is pure and simply engrossing television, that actually improves as the story evolves and the seasons pile up.What really does it for me is the emotions which this show evokes in me. One minute i'm rooting for someone, the next minute i want them dead!! It feels like a sporting event at times. Never have i had this sustained response to a show.I do actually prefer watching the aforementioned Dexter, but for uniqueness this is just pure head and shoulders..Maybe tonight is the night? Maybe it would be easier if we just, cook..

Case 39 (2009)
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loved it, 9 March 2010

After having been let down by many films recently this, and then newly released Triangle, have been a welcome release.

Everything in Case 39 is at least very good. Renne Zellweger is excellent as the empathic, Emily Jenkins. Really perfectly cast for the role and gives the film an underlying security, which for me at least, was needed. The young actress,Jodelle Ferland, is generally really good and at times, show stealing. She is in fact superb as the rather troubled youngster.. The chemistry between the two leads is what compliments what is a rather twisted but truly fantastic story.

The story paces itself perfectly and draws you into its sphere of horror with a soft hand and kicks you out with a firm smack at the end. The only sad thing is a lack of replay value. I just wish i could go back and watch it for the first time all over again..

Chilling and enchanting horror film, a must see

Rest Stop (2006) (V)
Doing a 9 til 5.., 9 March 2010

Is it just me, or is it wrong when a film makes you feel like you've just done a 8 hour shift. Well its not the first and it won't be the last, but Rest Stop achieves this and doesn't even give you a lunch break! The amazing thing is, this is one of my favourite genres, but maybe after being let down by its conveyor belt over the last decade or so,i've finally snapped. It seems since the jeepers creepers and wrong turn era they're not even bothering anymore.

So whats wrong with this film..? It sets up to be quite good for what it is,girl, isolated, acquiring the attention of some random nutter.. but thats it!! Aside from a conversion with someone who doesn't exist,the film doesn't go anywhere,slowly. Trying to fill it, they introduce the most sinfully stupid policeman you could hope not to meet.Under what circumstances do you find a girl in the middle of nowhere saying shes being terrorised, and the guy is outside in his car and then the officer just has a casual 5 second chat with him and send him on his way!! You know what to expect with films of this genre,but this just took the absolute chocolate digestive.

Lowering myself to the level of the film, i must say, the lead girls not even cute either,you need ether to watch this film, lots of it

In summary bad bad bad. I only give it such a high 4 mark because of my love of this type of film. But would recommend Kurt Russels Breakdown, Eden Lake, Long Weekend, Aussie flick Dying Breed, Obviously Wolfs creek too..

Just please, do not watch this

"Dexter" (2006)
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We have a problem here.., 8 February 2010

Will the real Dexter please stand up!

Firstly ladies and Gents I must confess to having a problem...I cant stop watching Dexter!! I don't really know when it grabbed me but it has,and now just refuses to let go.

Wow what a concept. Dexter, the hero of the show who by day works for the police forensics dept and by night kills peeps in cold blood. Its not that the idea was thought of that surprises me, its that it made it to our screens! Oh and how lucky we are!

Firstly the characters are great, from the quirky foul mouthed babe of a sister to the varying and interesting police characters and of course, Dexter himself. It has a charm I've rarely seen of making you laugh at the most taboo of things. Its narrative is superbly comic and it has the great ability to catch you off guard with violence, humour and nudity. But none of this ever feels like it is being done just for effect. The story evolves seamlessly and justs gets better and better. I cant speak highly enough of this show.

All in all a real page turner, if this was a book it would be cover to cover in an hour and a half! Only Sopranos and 24 are its peers, see you for season 5 Dexter!!

"24" (2001)
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genius, with a hint of farce.., 7 February 2010

24 is pure television genius. The show now in its final year has more plot holes, unbelievably unbelievable moments than anything made in this era,and yet it is a fantastical roller-coaster of action and twists and betrayal with the uniqueness of its format heightening its appeal.And of course it has the best hard hitting character who above all, shows no remorse. This is what you want from a fictional character. Yes fictional! for all the peeps out there who knock the show. No there isn't any way these terrorists would be able to enter secure buildings so freely. Yes the story does just gets plain silly at times. No ctu may not be like a real life government agency. Yes Jack does have a fools luck at times. But thats the shows beauty.. There's plenty of shows out there for people who are annoyed by these points. But for me this show is what TV was made for!!

10 out of 10 all day long, even in its bad times