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Beautiful, 26 July 2010

What makes this movie awful is complete lack of script. It is abysmally written to point to the most awful things in life, which could be comically proficient end up a smear of ink on a new rug. This movie sucks, if your not Jewish miss it. Im of Christian background and this sucked bad, it started out great then sucked for what seemed forever. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of what little thought it required. Its boring, so boring, but, it is beautifully filmed, the lead is a grown-man-girl, he has no drive what so ever. Hes the kind of guy that find out his wife has cheated on him the 3rd time and blames himself, absolute crap. I hate this movie completely. Morover, I FuKin hate this site for making this crap get a 7 rating, this movie is absolute garbage.

"Roots" (1977)
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Roots is not a true story, 6 February 2010

Roots was a good movie but was stolen from another book. To top it off, it was stolen from a fictional book. I cant believe most people don't know of this. I guess we can thank the media.

"Haley, Alex (1977) , Pulitzer Prize winning author of Roots. Plagiarism. He settled a lawsuit for $650,000, admitting that large passages of Roots were copied from the book The African by Harold Courlander. " title=Plagiarism#Alex_Haley_-_Roots_.281977.29

America's love affair with Roots, the most revered miniseries of all "time, allowed Haley to emerge unscathed when writer Harold Courlander sued him for plagiarism of his novel The African. (Haley paid him $650,000 in 1978.) Will Nobile's smoking gun revive the historians' case against Haley's integrity? The Pulitzer Prize committee currently is considering Nobile's brief to rescind Haley's 1977 prize. The controversy may also cast a shadow on the book version of Queen, due from Morrow this May." -Tim Appelo