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Here it be. A list of what I consider to be my favorite films, several years in the making. Right now it stands at the 300 mark, but, as they say, there's always room for more. Some titles will surprise you and some may not, whilst some omissions may draw stares...Have a peek and feel free to comment.
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This is a list of actors who may or may not be household names, and most (if not all) of the people listed could be considered "character" actors. Some of these gentlemen may be familiar to you and some may not, but all have given great performances during their respective careers. This list originally ended at 250 people, but seeing that I can now add as many of these deserving actors as I want, this list will continue to grow exponentially.===April 2011

===Updated August 30, 2013===
The list will be increased to 350 starting today. Many thanks to any and all who've commented and left their thoughts on who should be here and who may have been left out. With over 400,000 views and a whole bunch of likes on Facebook I'm continually impressed by the feedback I've received. Much thanks and stay tuned for more! Also keep in mind that this list is three pages long, so if you think I've missed someone, they may be on another page---Andy

== Updated August 7, 2017==

And we're back! It took the better part of four years hemming and hawing and trying to remember my password here, but here I am. The list is still mighty popular here it looks like and will be expanded to the big 4-0-0. Stay tuned for additions in the coming months and keep commenting!
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This list is a supplement to my Underrated Actors "Great Character Actors" List that has become quite popular here on the IMDb. This list will comprise some of my favorite actors who are too notable/recognizable to be listed on the aforementioned list. I didn't feel comfortable adding these well-known names to the "underrated" list because of their names being well known to audiences in the States and abroad. While they occasionally garnered a lead role, most have been secondary or supporting players...a few have even garnered the supporting actor Oscar. These gentlemen can truly be referred to as Commendables.
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This is a list of notable people in the entertainment and acting fields who attained the age of 100 years or more. This list is incredibly incomplete, and more people will be added in the coming days.
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This is a list of some of the great voice acting talents through the years.
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A list of what I perceive to be the best shootouts in movie history.