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the movies I've seen which I remembered .
I'm 15 so i haven't had much time to see a lot of movies but I've tried my best .
I'm still adding to this list trying to get it as complete as possible
list order is based on IMDb ratings.
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Directors and actors that usually work together and make those their greatest .

no order
suggestions welcome
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Movies that were inspired from other titles.
suggestions welcome
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Usually seen in the ending credit of a lot of movies in the IMDb Top 250 . these are the actors that are here for their performances as Leading or Supporting role in more than one movies in the IMDb Top 250 . And there are very few exceptions.

Order is based on the number of movies and their rank in the descriptions , the total average and personal opinion.

leave your comments . will be great improvement .
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Filmmakers who are here for the Great work they've done in films that have made it to the IMDb Top 250 movies of all-time.
Having more than one Film on the IMDb top 250 is the requirement to be on this list .
No particular order except for Alfred Hitchcock !
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Its not like the good guy is always right . sometimes the villain makes more sense than the hero but they just getting the message in a different way . here are the ones I believe that need to be set in this order.
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The movies of the action genre with the strong storyline have achieved success in both Box-Office and the critics reviews and have made it the top movies of history. the strong storyline is what makes these movies different than all other action films.

List In order (except some trilogies are placed next to each other even though they wont rank there)
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Playing the role of "God" isn't something that every actor can do.The requirements for this role are things like a strong voice, having some sort of a peace in speech, performing calm , having the sense of knowledge of every thing and of course alot of talent. these are the Actor who i believe fit in best for this role ... God