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I think the title says it all.
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My favorite of the Disney Channel Original Movies
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Canada's premiere superhero team
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This is what happens when you give time, money and resources to someone without talent, creativity or brains!!!
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Age really is nothing but a number.
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These are my choices to play DC Comics heroes in an upcoming Justice League movie.
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Blondes don't have all the fun!
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These people piss me off!!!
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Get ready for some tears...
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A list of the actors (and actresses) who have played mentors and wise ages in Hollywood. If you know any I missed, leave me a comment.
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I just don't like these people...
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The stars of Lauren on WIGS channel.
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For those who qualify for my last list, but have no prolifes...
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A word to the film industry: Even our patience has limits!
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A list of critically-acclaimed, Oscar-winning, and very popular movies...that I just want to forget about.

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