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"Jonas" (2009)
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Why I liked this show, 1 June 2011

When I first heard that there was going to be a TV show starring the Jonas Brothers, I had to roll my eyes. Yeah, it's just another attempt for the JoBros' to milk their fame for all it was worth. But when I finally saw the show, I found it to be surprisingly entertaining.

Now, I'm not a teenage girl, so you can be sure I didn't watch the show to see the Jonas Brothers. Although, Chelsea Kane and Nicole Anderson were kinda cute. But no, the real reason I loved this show was the humor. It's a rare kind of humor we don't see much of anymore. It's a kind of humor based on antics as opposed to witty dialog. It was almost a throwback to the kind of antics we saw on Saved By the Bell. The show also didn't have a laugh track, so we didn't have to be told when to laugh.

The characters were great as well. The boys almost remind me of Alvin and the Chipmunks; Kevin, the lovable dumb one (Theodore), Nick, the smart one (Simon), and Joe, the egotistic one (Alvin). My favorite character had to be Macy, Jonas' "#1 Superfan." She's so sweet and lovable, and she so funny to watch.

Having said all that, I thought Season 1 was better than Season 2. Season 2 had less focus on humor and was trying more to be a teen drama. And there, I think it lost a lot of its appeal. But it was still a good show.

The show has been canceled, unfortunately, but if you can find it on DVD, I say check it out. I would mostly recommend it for teens and fans of the Jonas Brothers, but if you like comedies, this one doesn't disappoint.

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A show for the nerd in us all, 28 August 2010

Is it any wonder why I love this show? Since I'm already a nerd, I definitely feel a small connection to the characters. And overall, this show is just funny.

The plot follows the typical nerd story: nerd falls in love with hot girl and tries to get her to like him back. The only thing missing is a big dumb jock to act as an archenemy to our nerdy hero. There actually is a big jock, but he only appears in a few episodes. Eh, well, the show's still good without him. The other thing I love is all the pop culture references. Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, superheroes, Halo, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, this show knows how to poke fun at our fanboy obsessions.

The characters are great. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) is the star and the everyman of the group, trying to maintain control between the real world and the nerd world. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is the hot girl across the hall and Leonard's primary love interest. She's a lovable character and you have to admire her for making friends with four guys she has absolutely nothing in common with. Howard and Raj (Simon Helberg and Kunal Nuyyar) don't have a lot of character development, but are there as the lovable sidekicks of the show. But the character that really steals the spotlight is Sheldon (Jim Parsons). I don't really know what to make of Sheldon. He's one of those characters you just love to hate. He's a theoretical physicist, neat freak, a perfectionist and an egomaniac. Imagine Mr. Monk with a 187 IQ and an ego. Sheldon doesn't understand sarcasm, doesn't know when it's rude to ask something, always has to have his way with something, and always assumes he's right, which means he's constantly getting in trouble with the other characters. Whether he's obnoxious on purpose or seriously means well but at the wrong time, I guess that's up to the audience to decide. Still, Sheldon's a funny character and it's always fun to watch him get into trouble.

But there is one downside. While the show may look like a family-friendly series, there is a hefty amount of crude and adult humor, (usually from Sheldon asking an inappropriate question, or Howard being his usual horny self) so make sure the kids are in bed before you tune in.

But overall, the is a really good show. So release your inner nerd and tune in.

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Good popcorn flick, but it's not GI Joe!, 6 August 2010

For the longest time, I defended this movie. I was really excited to see a GI Joe movie, that I just went along with it. But now, almost a year later, having seen and heard all the facts, I've just gotta say, it stunk. Admittedly, it wasn't horrible, and there were a few things about this movie that I enjoyed, but overall, this movie was a real disservice to the franchise I loved as a kid.

In the movie, the NATO-funded organization MARS Industries, led by wealthy arms-dealer James McCullen XXIV, develops a set of warheads loaded with metal-eating nanomites, a perfect weapon of mass destruction. When the covert military organization GI Joe hears about this and learns that MARS is a front for the terrorist organization COBRA, they set out to stop them and, along the way, recruit two new members, Duke and Ripcord. That should about sum up the plot.

Now, I could nitpick this movie to death, and I have, but the main problems of this movie boil down to 3 things:

1) Not enough GI Joe references: The movie may call itself GI Joe, it may have the GI Joe team, Cobra, the Pit and several characters named after GI Joe characters, but this movie does not resemble the GI Joe series at all. And I don't know how much this matters to anyone else, but it bugs me: the catchphrase, "Yo Joe!" only appears once in the whole movie. It's at the very end and spoken by a British guy. For this reason, or maybe some other reason entirely, it just doesn't sound right. And that really annoys me! Now, maybe if they called it something else, like Team America or Anti-Terrorist, Inc., maybe it wouldn't have been as bad, but they called it GI Joe which makes us compare it to the GI Joe franchise, and as far as I'm concerned, the two are unrelated. Just call it something else.

2) A poorly written story: The plot makes absolutely no sense. The focus of the story, the warheads, are not explained enough to be an interesting plot point. The movie jumps around too quickly from on location to the next, which is just confusing. In addition, the movie is advertised as an origin story and we don't see an origin for either GI Joe or Cobra.

3) The director is unfamiliar with the source material: That's right. When I heard that Stephen Sommers was going to be the director of GI Joe, I knew that the movie was in good hands, there was no way they could screw this up. Needless to say, I was really confused with the final product. And then, I learned that Sommers had never even heard of GI Joe prior to making this movie.


Are you freaking kidding me?!

Well, it certainly shows.

But for all my complaining, there were a few good things about it. The action scenes were the highlight of this movie (except for the Pit scene). I loved the accelerator suits. Most people argue that the Joes don't have Iron Man armor, but I say whatever, it looks cool. Many of the actors were well cast, Dennis Quaid as Hawk, Christopher Eccleston as Destro, Ray Park as Snake-Eyes (the man with real superpowers) and Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. My favorite character was Ripcord. In contrast to his friend Duke, Ripcord was funny, he was active and he had a personality. Also, the special effects were impressive. The final action scene had me on the edge of my seat. Heck yeah!

Overall, this is an okay popcorn flick, but as a GI Joe movie, it's an epic fail. If you're into mindless action scenes, get some friends together and check it out but if you're a die-hard GI Joe fan, avoid this one. It'll just make you angry.

"Eureka" (2006)
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I just LOVE this show!!!, 21 July 2009

Since this is one of my favorite shows, I guess it's finally time I wrote a review for it.

Throughout the mid-2000's, the Sci-Fi (not Syfy) Channel wasn't really known for popular programming. Most shows were hard-edged, downbeat, and very serious in tone. Many original shows, like The Chronicle, Black Scorpion and Code Name: Eternity, and several reruns, like Night Visions, Special Unit 2 and Jake 2.0 aired briefly, and then, were quickly forgotten. Then, in 2006, a show came out that seemed to renew interest in the Sci Fi Channel. A series that combined a detective show with science fiction and comedy elements. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Eureka.

One night, while transporting his delinquent daughter, Zoe, back to LA, US Marshall Jack Carter stumbles on to the small town of Eureka, a town where an organization known as Global Dynamics conducts all of the US Government's top-secret experiments, and where everybody is a scientific genius, even the kids. When Jack proves to have brilliant detective skills, he's appointed as Eureka's new sheriff. Now, Sheriff Carter is our best line of defense in making sure dangerous experiments don't threaten the town, and for that matter, the world.

What's not to love about this one. The show is well-written, it's family friendly, it doesn't get grim, (dramatic, emotional, yes, but not drastically grim) and it makes you think. But I think the show's two main strengths are it's characters and it's humor.

Humor- Since Eureka deals with advanced and theoretical science, the audience could easily get confused and lose interest. So, everything is told from the point of view of an average guy (Sheriff Carter) who always has to make a joke of some kind to understand the situation. Also, every character has a wisecrack or a clumsy moment here and there.

Characters- I have never seen a show so jam-packed with so many unique and interesting characters. There's the average guy (Sheriff Carter), the government liaison (Allison), the jack-of-all-trades (Henry), the arrogant genius (Stark), the former army ranger (Jo), the teenage rebel (Zoe), the Australian survivalist (Taggart), the lovable idiot (Fargo), and the not-so-lovable idiot (Larry), just to name a few. With so many likable characters, Eureka is hardly ever boring, and the town starts to feel like Mayberry, a weird Mayberry, but the feeling is there.

To sum up, this is a great show. After all of it's experimental and serious sci-fi dramas, Sci Fi finally scored big with a family comedy. I highly recommend this show. If you haven't seen it, I say get yourself to Eureka as soon as possible.

And honestly, when will Syfy go back to being Sci Fi? That just looks dumb.

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This was a bad movie, 31 March 2009

Okay, I won't say this was a bad movie. I will say it was underdeveloped and not very entertaining. As part of the "80's fantasy" genre, this movie had a lot to live up to. It should have at least been mildly entertaining, but very little, if any, of this movie was entertaining or memorable.

The Sword and the Sorcerer is a cult classic about a warrior prince named Talon, who sets out to bring down the evil king, Titus Cromwell, who killed his parents and stole his kingdom. And...And...from this point on, the movie has no plot, simply winging it's way through the story. As I'm sure has been mentioned before, this movie seems to shift from an adventure movie, to a scary movie, to a fantasy movie. There were also a lot of gaping plot holes, most notably, when a group of warriors plot to break in to Cromwell's dungeon. Wow, that sounds exciting. And then, the very next scene shows all of them talking about how the plan was a failure. Seriously, we never even get to see the actual fight. Wasted opportunity! It's good as a Laurel and Hardy moment, this isn't a Laurel and Hardy movie, is it?

The acting was mediocre to just plain bad! The characters were two-dimensional at best. There was no backstory for any of them, and none of them really had anything interesting to do or say. There were some characters with some potential, but they were overlooked. However, my favorite character in the movie was Cromwell's harem, Elizabeth. Not only was she cute, but she was the one character who had any sort of personality. She was sweet, she was caring, and she was brave. Unfortunately, she was killed off halfway through the movie. What a waste! You don't feel for any of these characters, because you just don't care. The funny thing is, you actually want to, but this movie gives you nothing to like about them.

As the title suggests, there is a sword and a sorcerer in the movie. But neither are on screen for very long. The Triple Sword was an unrealistic, but still very cool, weapon. It's a sword with literally three blades, and the two outer blades shoot out like missiles (like I said not very realistic, but still very cool). It only appears at the beginning and end of the movie. The sorcerer, Xusia (played by Bull from Night Court), also appears in the beginning and end of the movie, although he appears in disguise for most of the movie. Xusia's main power seems to be ripping out people's hearts by waving his hand at them. He helps Cromwell take over, and then Cromwell tries to kill him. Xusia plots his revenge for most of the movie. For a fantasy movie, I would've also liked to have seen more monsters, more magic, more...fantasy elements.

The only really entertaining part of this movie is a showdown between Talon, Cromwell and Xusia. Talon uses the Triple Sword, Cromwell gets a good weapon and Xusia tries to pull out their hearts by waving at them (Talon stops him by shooting him with the sword). It's an entertaining fight, but really doesn't redeem the movie.

A weak plot, no good special effects and a lot of underdeveloped characters, I think this movie was still in post-production when it was released. Oh well, if you happen to see this in your local video store, just leave it alone.

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I like this movie. (There, I said it!), 4 March 2009

I didn't get to see this movie when it first came out. A lot of people said it was terrible. I finally saw it on TV in the mid-nineties, and I have to say, I wasn't great, but I wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said it was.

The movie is set in the fictional country of Shadaloo, and involves a military showdown between the Allied Nations strike force, and the terrorist army of M. Bison. Bison has captured a group of hostages and will execute them if the A.N. doesn't give in to his demands (typical terrorist threat). Col. Guile steps up to face Bison. Also, other characters from the Street Fighter game get involved either by accident or on purpose.

I completely agree that the movie has many gaping plot holes, it's not always coherent, and many parts come off silly. I know most fans were hoping for a serious action movie as opposed to a campy spoof, but in all honesty, it's still entertaining. I think they were trying gear it more towards kids and that's why it was so campy.

"Quick! Change the channel!" Omigosh! That has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life.

One thing I would like to address: Many people claim that his was the movie that tainted the image of Raul Julia. I disagree. If you watch closely, you can tell he's lampooning the role. The result, Bison comes off as a humorous cross between Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Dr. Evil. It was great. Van Damme does a good job as Col. Guile. He definitely a great job on the fight scenes. Ming Na Wen probably does the most believable performance as Chun-Li, who is probably the most credible character in the movie.

Bottom line: While this movie has a weak plot and cheesy acting, it's so silly, that it becomes a "so bad, it's good" movie. Check it out for some good action and a good laugh.

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A very weird nostalgic movie, 4 March 2009

I saw this movie when I was really little. It is, by far, one of the strangest movies I have ever seen. Now, normally, I like weird movies, but this was just a bit too much.

There's not much of a plot to the movie. If anything, it starts out like Toy Story, where toys come to life, and Raggedy Ann and Andy go on an adventure to rescue their new friend, Babette. From there, craziness ensues. There's the Greedy, the Looneys, a sea monster named Gazooks, and a bunch of pirates singing show tunes, all of which just made the movie weirder. Also, I can't help but feel that Babette is annoying and a bit too whiny. She definitely didn't help the movie.

Now, even though I didn't like this movie, there were a few cute parts. I liked the camel's song. Even though it was a song about being lonely, it had a friendly feel to it. Then, there was Sir Leonard. While most of the Looneys were just plain nuts, Sir Leonard was the most interesting and probably the funniest. King Koo Koo was just a little dirtbag that made Dr. Evil look like a serious villain. Also, there was Raggedy Andy's song, No Girl's Toy. It was definitely good song for little boys who wanted to act tough. But, honestly, even these things didn't make the movie any better. (But remember, this is just my perspective.)

While I personally wouldn't recommend this movie, even I have to admit, it does have its charming moments. See it if you're interested, but only if you're in the mood for something "really" out of the ordinary.

Rodan (1956)
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Cool Monster Movie, 8 November 2008

I just saw the movie. I've always liked Rodan, but now, after seeing his feature film, I can safely say he's definitely my favorite daikaiju.

It all starts in a 1950's Japanese mining village, when a group of miners disappear into a flooded mineshaft. Later, it's discovered that they were eaten by giant bugs who've been awaken by nuclear bomb tests. The army is brought in, and they deal with the bugs, but they soon learn that the worst is yet to come. Also in the mine, the miners discover not one, but two mutant pteranodons (Rodan), which dig their way out of the mine and terrorize Japan.

If you've seen a B monster movie, then you probably already know how the plot goes, a monster is discovered, it's identified by scientists, and then the army needs to come up with a creative, yet effective way of stopping it. The special effects are pretty good for the time period. But where this movie shines is in it's action scenes. Unlike Godzilla, who slowly lumbers along, Rodan is a high speed killer, so all the action scenes are all fast-paced and intense. Heck, even the action scenes with the giant bugs were cool. I was hardly ever bored with this movie.

(Oh, and I mean no disrespect to Godzilla.)

I did have a few complaints with this movie. First, it was too short. (The Dark Knight was too long, and Rodan was too short.) Seriously, 70 minutes? It could've been a little bit longer, at least 90 minutes. And second, the ending was a bit anti-climatic. But other than that, it was a fun monster movie. If you love monster movies, particularly the Godzilla movies, you should give this one a watch.

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And now it's time for a second opinion., 27 October 2008

In my first review, I said The Hills was a reality soap opera, tons of drama, but not much character. But in all fairness, my first review was based on only a couple of episodes. I had planned to stop watching the show at some point, but after a few weeks, I got hooked. The characters' personalities have finally come out, and the show has become much more interesting than I originally thought.

The plot centers around the lives of fashion designer and TV personality Lauren Conrad and her friends in LA. There's no main plot to the show, just the girls' everyday business and social lives. Now, some people say that the show is scripted. I don't know if that's true, but it's still entertaining to watch how certain events unfold.

All in all, the show is actually very interesting. Try "not" to gossip about this show. I still say it's like a soap, and there is no shortage of drama, but if you can handle that, The Hills can be pretty entertaining.

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I like this show, 21 August 2008

It's not the greatest show on TV, but if you're looking to kick back and turn your brain off for a half hour, then this is your show. The show is a spin-off to the popular reality sitcom, Hogan Knows Best. It follows Hulk's daughter, Brooke, as she moves out and tries to figure out how to work things out as an adult. Also, Hulk isn't ready to let go of his "baby girl" completely, so he's constantly checking in. This makes the show interesting and funny.

The two other things I love about this show are:

1. Brooke is a hottie! I know, I'm such a guy when I say that, but she's cute. And she's not pencil-thin like Paris or Nicole. Brooke can be a little bit clueless at times, but she's not an airhead either. Overall, she's cool.

2. Brooke has the most awesome apartment. A jacuzzi, a panoramic view of Miami...spectacular! I want to live there! Brooke has it made.

Like I said, this show isn't winning any Emmy awards anytime soon, but if you just want to watch what somebody else is up to for a half-hour, then this is a fun show.

My rating: 5/10

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