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Harry Potter comes back or the scariest times have come..., 30 November 2010

I very love the books and movies about Potter and the magic world, which were created by the legendary author J. K. Rowling. Numerous journeys, unbelievable and amazing situations, different problems and its' decisions - this everything I liked when I've read the first book and have watched the first movie "Harry Potter". I may name myself a real fan of Potteriana, because I adore all the parts (as movies, as books) of it and I think everybody will agree with me, that Potter's world and the main theme of the saga are very wonderful, interesting, sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's enough sad, but, in total here's a great story for all the family...

Unfortunately, the end of "Half-blood prince" shows to us, that there's the Evil and it's very strong, besides we know that Potter and his friends have to fight with the Dark lord and his army. As result, some of these two sides will definitely lose, paying for it with the life. So, all the events of "Deathly Hallows. Part 1st" let us to know - life's changed, the evil surrounds the good guys and it may attack any time of the night or the day. Our favorite heroes Harry, Ron and Hermione certainly grew up, but they enough young to decide such hard problems, which they've got. Watching this movie, You understand, that the light and happy times have gone and it, perhaps, will never come again.

Well, I liked this movie, first of all, because it's enough emotional, real, it shows to viewer, that changes may be negative and "happy yesterday" may become "sad tomorrow". It's really very sad story: there're a lot of well-known heroes were murdered, the dark times have come and the boy who has survived must prepare and to be ready for the final fight, which will come soon, very soon. For those people, who have read (and for those, who gonna read) the last book, it will be interesting to know, how the creators of the movie will film the final battle and scenes of trials, when old war will be over finally and only one - Harry Potter or VoldeMort will win.

Finishing My speech, I wish for everybody, who hasn't watched yet the 7th movie from Potteriana series to watch it, and for those guys, who want to watch the last movie - to wait till the summer and to hope that Potter will come back again only to win...

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Terminator 2: The best part of the franchise and one of the best movies in the people's history…, 13 April 2010

I felt in love in this movie parallel with My born (sorry Me for My humor), but if it takes to tell seriously, I don't remember the time when I watched "Terminator 2" firstly, cause it feels, that I know this motion picture during all of My life and I love it not less of the time. My feelings to this motion picture are very strong and powerful, something looks like the trust in God. That's why I want to advice You this movie, even though You watched it one day… So, Dear friends, if You look for an epic, grand, exciting action and interesting, unforgettable, super fantastic movie, be sure, You'll find these everything in the sequel of well-known and, for sure, popular movie of the past century "Terminator 2".

Well, I watched this picture over 40 or even 50 times and I'm sure, this isn't the limit, I wish I would to watch it again, again and again, and that's not the madness. Be sure, the movie is enough interesting and very amazing to re watch it from time to time… Perfect screenplay, genius, dynamic events and action-scenes, great actors' playing – that's not all that the movie has. Every side of this picture is attractive, unusual and so original, - all these facts let us to think, that "Terminator 2" is one of the best movies, that ever were made/are made or will be made in the world.

Finally, if we talk about actors' playing, it takes to tell a few words about performers of the main characters and about such heroes like John and Sarah Connor, T-800 and T-1000. All the heroes, which are the main persons in the movie, were played by actors so brilliant, incredible, so I wonder and just want to feel, to see it soon again. Schwarzenegger, Patrick, Hamilton and Furlong – they're all very talented people, masters of their job and real actors, I hope, nobody will bet with Me about these facts. I just want to stand up and to applaud to the actors a few minutes with taking a pride for them. This movie easily proves this behavior of mine.

Guys, You may do everything that You want, but I'm signing out from here to watch this incredible, perfect movie… Again! So, we'll see You in the watching of the movie, won't we? And if You are still here, so, what're You waiting for? Do it, touch to the legend, take a watch the "Terminator 2" that has a lot of really interesting and wonderful, great and awesome things! My mark for the movie is 10 out of 10, and only!..

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Mile high: a simple lesson how to become the President., 12 April 2010

Well, I waited for this movie for a long time, and finally, a few days ago I've had the great opportunity to watch this documentary, and not only, as I think, it's very interesting movie, which is built on the interviews, dialogues and exclusive materials – videos and photos of candidates on the President's Post, - John McCain's and Barack Obama's in the time of General election in 2008 .

So, this movie is a nice couple of interviews, comments and personal standpoints of the famous people, - former U.S. Presidents, showmen and actors (I want to say, that well-known actor and Master of Martial arts Chuck Norris is also taking part in this movie and commented about the politic and the economic system of the U.S.)…

Also I've found in this movie a lot of good, fresh and really useful news, info, and now I understand that I want to re watch it again, to get more impressions, to find something new in the movie again. Actually, here's very informative, nice, good documentary about our country, politic, public systems of it, and thus I want that You watch this movie, which You'll definitely like, be sure in this.

Finally, for the information, flashing back of the past times' events, for everything, that I liked in the movie, it's mark is 10 out of 10.

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Steven Seagal is a man, who You will Hard to kill…, 10 April 2010

Let's remember the legendary, so favorite and loving for many of us age, times of 80's, the times, when we could watch such awesome, ideal, great, wonderful movies, like this. So many actors sincerely want to come back again in those, so close, and so far years. And I understand, that this is the time for Me too… Well, this movie is a bright example of the brutal, classic and loving for us motion picture of "action" genre. Here's very dynamic, interesting, full of colorful moments and cute episodes movie, which proves for everybody that Steven Seagal isn't the greatest Master of the martial arts only, but he's very good actor too.

You know, Me and My family loved this movie (and actually, we didn't lost our strong feeling to this movie) and re watched it so many times, besides every new watching of "Hard to kill" was like a celebrating of something, we hadn't the balloons only :). Fighting scenes, pursuits, epic episodes of the trainings – everything in this movie was so great, and so interesting, that I couldn't stop watch it (So, I didn't need to do something else, when I could watch in the 20th, 30th time this motion picture).

For Me the understanding, knowing, that this movie is in the Steven's list of early filmography very important, and I think, here is one of the best movies as in Steven's movie career, as among the numerous action-movies.

What's about the mark? It's only 10 out of 10. Trust Me, You have to watch this movie, named "Hard to kill". And, be sure, You'll like this, as I liked it over 14 years ago. Good luck, and only the best movies in Your way, My Dear friends!

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Brave warrior on a path of war., 14 February 2010

"Missing in action" - this's one of the most favorite and loving Chuck Norris's movies of mine. This is awesome, spectacular and reach of action movie, which You'll find interesting, if You like same genre and such themes in the movies.

Actually, this is very seriously picture, which shows to us not easy days of Vietnam's war. And, as You rightly understood - Chuck Norris played here a hero, who doesn't know about the loosing, how to be afraid of something and to run out from the enemy. He fights like a warrior, he doesn't afraid to be murdered, and tries to help to the soldiers, who are missing in action - to escape from the camps of Vietnam's soldiers.

It's wonderful actor's playing, nice and beautiful landscapes of "forever green jungles". I find this movie very interesting, and never tire to re watch it. For the motion picture of 80's this movie looks very cool, colorful and opulent.

Only 10 out of 10!.

Victor (2009/I)
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Pierre Richard as Victor., 7 February 2010

I was glad to watch this nice movie with Pierre. Although our favorite comic is very old, he doesn't loose his sense of humor and ability to make fun the people. In this movie he does it very well.

"Victor" is unusual drama-comedy, in the some parts of which You're laugh, in the other - You're sad. This is movie about the great people's senses and feelings - about the love, happiness and friendship. I and My family were very pleased to watch it all together. In here Pierre shows to us, how to be a nice and friendly men in the cruel world, how to help to those, who need it, and to be glad about little things.

I say "Bravo" to creators of "Victor", and especially, for Pierre Richard, and applaud to them all for this wonderful and exciting movie. My mark is 10 out of 10! And... Guys, You have to see that!..

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Here's a Texas ranger, and this's his justice..., 4 February 2010

Oh, God! I love Cordell Walker by the all my heart, and I forever loved him. Cool, strong and forever right in his actions, Cordell is My hero, the man of the truth and the honour. I liked to watch every episode of this series in My early childhood, and I try to watch some of them in the modern time.

"Walker, Texas ranger" - this is a whole Universe with good guys and bad men, with "a true" and "a false", with a nice sense of humor and seriously things. Here's a spectacular, a very interesting TV-show, which opens to us unbelievable, really great world with a real hero, who played our favourite action-hero Carlos Norris. Every episode is a perfect lesson for all the people, as for children, as for their parents. And I can't stop to wonder and to love "Walker", that's why it's in My heart and forever with Me.

...In the last times people don't see a happiness and their habits are just a work, a sleeping and usual deciding problems of a private character. That's very bad, actually. But when we watch such movies, which are full of kindness, trust to the best and striving to become such people, who help to everybody, who need it, we become better and more happy, than we're. As for Me, I wanna be like a Walker, - to serve and to protect the innocent people, and, I wish I would proud about ranger's (sheriff's) work, which is full of dangerous and difficult situations.

Well, "Walker, Texas ranger" is a series for every time, for all the people, which is bring to us understanding of the best and wonderful things in our world. This's project, we may name "perfect", so don't wait anymore, watch it right now. So, I do that!

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The spirit of forest, who help to protect the nature., 4 February 2010

I remember this film since My childhood - in those time, when it was in all the cinemas, I was just 5 y.o. But I still wonder about this interesting, beautiful and great movie, which full of love to the animals, to the forests, to the world, that surround us...

We know Chuck Norris as a fighter, as a man, who shows to the bad guys the meaning of "honour" with fists and legs, but this time we'll see him as a hero, who has a magic power and a power of the nature itself. I'm glad to watch this movie in every possible time, and advise it to You too.

Actually, I can't understand, why such great, wonderful, really perfect movie has low votes and bad reviews - I can't agree with people, who say about it like about "very simple, usual and not interesting movie", You may just to watch it, to understand, that it's not so.

Here's the amazing movie for all Your family, as for children, as for grandfathers and grandmothers, for all audience. I very hope, that You'll find something interesting and really sensitive for Your soul and for Your heart after watching "The forest warrior".

My mark is 10 out of 10, and I don't even think, that it may be another one!..

The Cutter (2005)
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The past holds the key!, 3 February 2010

Unfortunately, but this is the last movie of Chuck's career in the cinema. And, as a big fan of Norris, I was glad to watch this movie, named "Cutter". It's the movie, which full of action, interesting episodes and cool fights. I noticed, that this's very nice action for last Chuck Norris's project.

Finally, "Cutter" is a typical motion picture of 80's, but with something modern, fashion and cool parts. Norris as strong and fast, as in his "Walker Texas ranger" TV series, so I pleased to look at him and to see, how he kicks asses of bad guys and, for sure, his last fight scene.

So, I advice to watch to You this wonderful and really interesting movie, especially, if You're a fan of Carlos Rey Norris.

10 out of 10!..