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not bad for syfy, 29 July 2012

First of all this is a SyFy movie so be warned not to expect too much from their movies. In all honesty this is the best SyFy movie i've seen from them by far (sadly i've seen more than a few)

Do not get your hopes up , it are all the familiar faces again and the usual story arcs but at least this time the writers have made an effort to come up with a story that isn't an insult to anyone with more than 3 working braincells. Then again giving it your full attention may cause pain and irregular bowel movements.

You can see they are learning with every flick they make. Instead of bad cgi they are now using less fx and more suggestion leaving more budget for effects when they really need to have it included.

The acting isn't bad considering the script the actors have to work with but please leave logic at the door.

In short this is a movie for when you want 85 minutes of "no brainer" activity or somethng in the background while you are multitasking but i think the movie works best if you watch it in group with a few drinks so you can slam the scenario or the lines as you go along.

Give it a shot but don't expect to be blown away.

The Divide (2011)
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waste of time, 27 March 2012

I try to always look for the good things in movies but after wasting 2 hours of my life i simply had to warn others to please pick another movie.

i am a sci-fi fan and i have read a lot of post apocalypse stories but the sheer amount of scientific errors, goofs and illogical plot twists makes this one of the worst i've seen in my 35 years and trust me i've seen a lot.

The casting director did a great job and the excellent actors did their best to stay professional. The directing isn't bad but call me old fashioned, the story makes no sense at all.

I realize humanity will be at it's darkest after an attack but these people are portrayed as idiots . Things happen that never get explained nor followed through. Story arcs that stop halfway or go totally different ways without a single reason.

Granted i am not a big fan of art movies but this movie is so shallow there aren't even multiple levels you could try to work through.This ain't art,not even close.

At the very best you could call this a torture fantasy like Saw but without a plot whatsoever.

The people involved in this will not be putting this on their resume, thats for sure. I read on this page that the movie got canned and was continued with private money and all i can say is that the person funding this wasted a lot of cash, please do not make the same mistake.

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don't believe the bad press, 24 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Normally i don't write reviews because English isn't my native language and i lack the vocabulary to get the point across but after reading some reviews i was compelled to add one on please forgive my grammar and spelling.

let me warn you : i am not a critic , i am a sci-fi fan This movies has all the regular parts from all movies: 2 heroes , 2 ladies in distress . Aliens attacking and guess what, they want to kill us all. So yes if you want an original movie then this one is not really one for you.

However if you like sci-fi where they to not throw reality completely out of the window then this one is for you. Sure it has some scientific goofs but all in all too few to mention. It reminded me of Red Dawn with unlikely survivors fighting back in any way they can. The Russians where cliché but i think there is a reason those clichés started in the first place. They depict them with the same attitude as their grandfathers fought the Nazis's and i enjoyed it. The special effects where not bad, maybe not grade A but certainly better than anything Syfy calls a movie.If the run time (budget) had been longer they could have used more suspense to build the movie up but kudos to the writers for having the guts to kill of main characters.

Please do not believe the critics, it is an entertaining movie and if sci-fi is your thing you ll be hoping for a sequel to this like me.

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to be fair, 2 February 2010

i use this website a lot for reviews from my peers and so far you guys and girls are correct but this one is getting such bad reviews i just felt like registering and offering another view .

Starts of with a cliché . A single woman making a new start when she moves into a new apartment . She quickly gets to know her neighbors and the odd stuff add up very fast . the rest you will have to discover yourself .

If you expect suspense , blood and/or gore then move on . You do get to see some lesbian action but i still haven't found out why , except maybe to lure in teens who want to see their first boobies . The events that happen are also not that original but the general idea of the story revealed at the end makes it all worth while .

It is simply a food for thought movie . if you value story above cgi you ll be set for an hour of good story telling . A cheap production but with a very good idea . Sure it has (huge) flaws like the intro being way too long and the ending should have been ten minutes earlier but i liked it enough to come post here .