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If there were a movie version of both books Princess and Princess and Minerva
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Would love suggestions for Gat!?
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already in production but i don't particularly like the choices for most...
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Aussie author so wanted mainly aussie cast.
Also, I'm Australian, but have lived overseas for many years now, so my talent pool is limited to the shows I watched when I was at home! Any suggestions will be great!
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most of these people are too old now, but it will always be how i pictured the characters

ps. yes I'm aware both TVD guys are in it but i just pictured them then the mental image wouldn't go away!
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Fantasy cast for 'Matched' series by Ally Condie
a list of 13 people - Blood Red Road & Rebel Heart
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just for fun, fantasy cast for my two 'works in progress' Heart & Excess
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My fantasy cast for Wolves of Mercy Falls series