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Al Pacino - one of his best performances, 15 February 2011

I am fascinated with Al Pacino in this movie, although he is my favorite actor of all times, he can always surprise me more. From my point of view this movie is perfect: I love the actors, Chris O'Donnell is great, the dialogs, New York, the guys at the prestigious school. I first saw this film a few years ago, but from time to time I feel the need to see it again, it is very close to my heart. What I enjoy most in the story is the connection between Colonel Frank Slade and Charlie, how it develops along the 2 days. I think Chris O'Donnell had a very difficult part, to act such a shy guy and in the same time a good guide and a life savior for Frank. Al Pacino is making one of his legendary roles (along Michael Corleone,Sony or Tony Montana), you just can feel his passion, his pain, his regrets. So, go and see the movie, you will have a great experience! :)