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silly movie, 22 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maybe I am too old but wasn't this a Twilight Zone episode?.

Written by a best selling author but probably not for that book.

Apparently the book is pretty good. The movie, hover, is silly.


Go on a cheap day or wait to watch it at home.

There is nothing here that needs a big screen.

The aliens reminded me of the Mars Attacks brains.

I don't think the acting would have been good even if the screenplay had been good.

I'll say something good, Liev Shreiber is in it.

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Stupider Ascending, 17 March 2015

The screenplay was horrible.

I was going to be sympathetic because I thought it was written by a 13yo but I stayed for the credits. I usually like Wachoski's stuff.

Some of the things Mila Kunis' character did for "her family" were beyond making any sense.

It made her seem like a bimbo. Channing Tatum and Sean Bean had good characters.

Some of the action was over-the-top and drawn out way too long.

Lots of violence, maybe too much for some people.

I'd give it 2 stars. So far the worst film I've seen in 2015.

Rent it, don't pay to see it in a theater. Maybe enjoyable for pre-teen boys.

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loved it, 17 March 2015

There were lots of homages to other films.

The more I think back on it, the more things I think of that I liked.

Very well acted.

Lots of violence, maybe too much for some people.

Good plot, the story made sense.

I foresee a sequel.

I'd give it 7.5 stars if IMDb allowed half stars.

Worth seeing in a theater.

Not too adult for teens.

Some funny situations.

276 out of 541 people found the following review useful: bad, 16 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is the most boring film ever. I wonder why so many people love it. Every time I started to get interested, they would play that annoying jazz drumming. My friend said it was better than "The Judge", not even close. From start to finish, that moving is an interesting story. From start to finish, I didn't care about any of the characters in this film. It won't get wide release because it won't appeal to most people. I have a theory that it will appeal to people that like jazz. It'll win awards because it appeals to critics. Oh, a spoiler, the plot is boring. I will say the actors did a really good job. I didn't have a headache when I went in but by the end of the film I did.

The Bay (2012/II)
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waste of time, 4 December 2013

I wish I could do short reviews.

The title is all this movie deserves.

Definitely not a horror film.

Average acting but horrible script.

Don't even bother renting it.

There a better movies that aren't a waste of time.

Very eco-preachy/anti-gov which is not a bad thing.

Don't expect a horror film.

3/10 is maybe generous but the acting was decent.

I probably would have given it 5 or 6 if didn't market itself as a horror.

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bad but not the worst ever, 24 November 2013

It was getting better reviews than the first one but I thought it was worse.

NOTE If you haven't seen the first one this movie won't make sense.

Many minor plot holes but no major holes so that is a plus.

Maybe I expected too much.

Overall it felt like a waste of time.

If I come out of a movie and think "why did they make it"?

If the only answer is because it's a sure money maker then it has failed in my opinion.

Rent it, it is not worth seeing in a theatre.

Alex Cross (2012)
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3.5/10, go on a cheap day, 20 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Really boring.

The was lots of action but very little excitement.

The ending was a nice twist but it isn't enough to make it a decent movie.

It was totally unbelievable that Alex Cross could beat Picasso in hand to hand especially after Picasso showed what he could do.

It would have been nice if they told more about Picasso's background. It's hard to believe they never profiled him in depth.

It was a bad movie and it won't surprise me when it doesn't stay in theaters very long.

I give it a 3.5/10 and my friend also gives it a low rating.

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expected good and was disappointed, 3 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I expected a really good movie and all I got was a really bad one.

I should have expected it since the script was written by a 12 year old.

Whoever agreed to cast Kristen Stewart in and action role made a big mistake.

I feel bad for Charlize Theron because some of the lines were very corny.

The audience laughed in places that I think were meant to be serious.

I feel bad for Chris Hemsworth but a paycheck is a paycheck and at least his lines weren't corny.

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Awesome, 3 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well worth seeing.

I'm surprised it wasn't in 3D (it seems everything is these days). It would have been good in 3D.

I didn't have to suspend disbelief once, it all seemed plausible to me.

You should definitely leave feeling good about money well spent. That is rare for a lot of movies these days.

The last one was kind of lame but this is almost as good as the first.

Like someone else said "if this doesn't entertain you, it is mission impossible". This SHOULD be entertaining. :-)

Don't be hesitant about paying full price for this movie, this is one worth paying for.

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made-for-TV, 3 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What was the purpose of Skylar after the invasion, none whatsoever.

The film producers treat the audience as really stupid. Not just a willingness to suspend disbelief.

The acting was atrocious.

The special effects were well done.

Someone else said it should have been a made-for-TV movie, that is exactly how it felt.

It does have some nice scenery of Moscow.

The only reason I could recommend this if you like scifi and it is cheap. We have cheap Tuesdays in my city. It doesn't make it worth it but you won't leave feeling ripped off.

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