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The worst film made by anyone, ever, at anytime, 25 March 2010

There are no words that come to mind after seeing this film. Travesty, horrific, absurd, ridiculous, and mind-numbingly stupid all come to mind but none of 'em quite describe just how awful this "film" really is. To see where everyone went wrong, let's break it down!

1. It takes 45 minutes until the actual plot begins to develop. By this time, the majority of viewers have fallen asleep or have taken their own lives.

2. The actor who plays Rod, Alan Bagh. He makes me miss Nicholas Cage. NO NOT THE BEES!!! AHHHH!!!

3. The birds. What do they do exactly? Nothing. The birds come down and fly directly in front of the victims face. Then they die for reasons only criminally insane director James Nguyen knows. God help us.

4. Read my parental advisory

5. "Hey I thought I told you to stand back. These birds are contaminated"

6. What is wrong with Rod's friend? And why can't he get a good looking girlfriend?

7. The dialogue. It's like watching a poorly translated foreign film. "I like you and because you are pretty to me" "I thank you this words they make me happy" "Yaaaaaayyy..."

8. This quote: "Why would birds do something like that? Why would they just attack" "......I don't know"

-------The good?

1. Thank god for Whitney Moore in lingerie. The only believable thing about this movie was that she got a job at Victoria's Secret.

And that's my review. Go see it. I guarantee you will never see a worse film.

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One hell of a ride, 12 November 2017

Vice Principals only had two seasons man they were flipping awesome. The first season was pretty good but I feel as if the second season just completely hit full throttle. These two characters have been ridiculously enjoyable to watch as has the supporting cast (especially Belinda). I won't spoil anything but stuff goes down. It's one hell of a ride . I could not possibly have written a better ending than they have given it. Have you not seen it?? Go! watch it now!

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I don't understand the hate, 23 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Friends from College is filled with a stellar cast and mostly great comedy mixed in with quite a bit of cringe. Maybe that's not everybody's thing? I don't understand anyone who watched this series and didn't laugh. There's so much humor in this and so much of it is because of the brilliance of Keegan Michael Key. Faxon and Colbie are great too. However, these people are all pretty awful and the show is very frustrating to watch some times. I think the thing with the rowdy guys from the law firm was way over the top to the point of ridiculous. It's hard to invest in the characters until the end when some of them seem to start doing the right thing. A few loose ends are tied in the end and the dramatic moments were very well done. I'd see a second season, definitely. MVP of the show is obviously Key and honestly maybe if he wasn't in it my score would be a little lower. FFF isn't perfect, but if you're in the mood to laugh at some terrible people (and Key's weird goofy voices...which killed me) then binge away.