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A list of all killer scarecrow movies or horror movies involving scarecrows.
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My fancast for a reboot of the Halloween films.

On Halloween 1997, ten-year-old Michael Myers stabs his sister Judith Myers to death and bludgeons her boyfriend Steve Haley to death. Other than his parents, the only person he spares is his baby sister Angel Myers.

Fifteen years later, Michael escapes from Smith's Grove Sanitarium during a prison transfer and makes his way back home to Haddonfield Illinois, leaving a bloody trail of corpses in his wake. Pursuing him is his former doctor, Sam Loomis, the only person who knows that Michael is nothing but true evil.

In Haddonfield, Michael steals a Halloween mask and a boiler suit, as well as the tombstone from his sister's grave. He then begins to stalk high school student Laurie Strode and her friends, Annie Brackett and Lynda Van Der Klok. Loomis also shows up and teams up with Annie's father, Sheriff Tom Brackett, to put an end to Michael's rampage. Unknown to everyone but Michael, Laurie Strode is actually Angel Myers.

While Laurie is babysitting little Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace, Michael stalks her friends as well as her parents, Morgan and Cynthia Strode, before murdering them in a gruesome and brutal fashion.

Eventually, Laurie discovers the bodies of her friends in the house across the street and is attacked by Michael, who chases her back across the street. After an intense final chase, Laurie seemingly kills Michael and then sends Tommy and Lindsay to get help. They are spotted by Loomis, who arrives at the Doyle house just in time to save Laurie by shooting Michael. However Michael isn't defeated until Laurie stabs him and he falls into the swimming pool. But when Loomis goes outside to check the body, Michael has vanished, meaning he's still out there.
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The vengeful and tyrannical overlord of Apokolips, Darkseid, launches an all out attack against Earth, forcing seven of the world's greatest heroes to come together to form the Justice League, who then set out to protect their planet from the dreaded warlord.
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Actors who could have or could still play a villain in a James Bond movie.
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Actresses who could have or could still play a love interest in a James Bond movie.
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The Tower is a 1994 Die Hard clone starring Kurt Russel, Christopher Walken and Ernie Hudson. Terrorists seize control of a high rise skyscraper in San Francisco and it's up to ex-cop Jack Morgan to stop them.
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The 1963 classic was remade in 1985, directed by John Carpenter. Kurt Russell was originally set to star but ultimately could not. The plot is similar to the original. A huge space station, now known as the Inferno, is hijacked by a ruthless terrorist organization known as the Fist of the Stars and surviving security guard Jack Pearson, played by Harrison Ford, must stop them from carrying out their dastardly plot to destroy America.

The renaming of the Epiphany to Inferno is a reference to a working title for the original, 'The Spacebound Inferno.'
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Spacebound is a 1963 sci-fi action adventure film directed by John Ford, in a notable departure from westerns and missing star John Wayne. The plot involves a space station, the Epiphany, which is hijacked by terrorists. The terrorists attempt to extort from the UN in return for the safe release of the hostages, however this turns out to be a cover for their plot to weaponize the space station and attack Earth. A surviving pilot, played by Charlton Heston, must defeat the terrorists and save the world.
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Descriptions, plots and fates of the various Batman villains from throughout the character's movie history.

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Animated series concept and voice cast.
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Due to the books being adapted out of order, many fans felt that the Blofeld Trilogy of the James Bond series has been butchered, so the trilogy was adapted a second time, this time in order but still with some significant changes.

In order to distinguish them from the originals, the films were given new titles; 007: Operation Thunderball, 007: For Queen and Country and 007: You Only Die Once.
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A list of the many beautiful and exoctic Bond Girls from throughout the history of the series. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS.
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Scientist Tommy Oliver learns that his old science partner, Terrence Smith, whom he thought was dead, has returned as the supervillain Zeltrax and seeks to take control of the city of Angel Grove. In order to counter Zeltrax's nefarious plans, Oliver recruits a team of misfits from the local high school and grants them high powered auxiliary suits to battle Zeltrax's minions.
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Casino Royale is a 1967 spy movie starring Peter Sellers as Ian Fleming's superspy James Bond, and Orson Welle as his nemesis, Le Chiffre. It is the first non-EON produced James Bond film.

Plot: British secret agent James Bond 007 is sent to the Casino Royale in France to bankrupt a man named Le Chiffre, who is suspected of funding terrorist activities. He is in fact trying to win back the funds he lost in a bad gambling move, which belonged to his employers, SMERSH. Bond, a noted baccarat master, challenges Le Chiffre and also encounters an old flame, Valerie Mathis, who is investigating Le Chiffre's dealings, and his American contact, Clarence Leiter. Bond defeats Le Chriffe and prepares to leave France and Le Chiffre behind him, believing that Le Chiffre will be 'retired' by his Soviet employers. However, Le Chiffre kidnaps Mathis and lures Bond into a trap, leading to a shootout with Le Chiffre's men. With both men exhausted, they sit down in Bond's hotel room, before Le Chiffre takes Mathis as a human shield, holding a blade to her. As he tries to exit with her, she pushes herself away, allowing Bond to fatally shoot Le Chiffre.

Charles K. Feldman, the producer, had acquired the film rights and had attempted to get Casino Royale made as an Eon Productions Bond film; however, Feldman and the producers of the Eon series, Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, failed to come to terms. Feldman then went to MGM to produce his independent Bond film, releasing it in 1967.

James Bond is played by Peter Sellers, well known for his comedic roles, who was a fan of the novels. His previous comic roles allowed to be a more comic Bond, while still mantaining the character's more serious traits. For the role of Le Chiffre, the producers immediately wanted Orson Welles, who had been tipped to play Blofeld in the official EON series, but ultimately did not. Ursula Andress, who played Honey Ryder, the first Bond girl in 1959's Dr. No, portrayed Bond's main love interest, Valerie Mathis.
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My fancast for a reboot of the Ratchet & Clank series.
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Follow up to my Bond Villains list. Deals with the objectives and fates of various James Bond henchmen. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS.
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The names, plots and ultimate fates of the many Bond villains from throughout the James Bond 007 movie franchise. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS
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Every Bigfoot movie I've seen so far