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The Best Episode of comedy TV out there., 2 June 2010

In being only the 2nd episode of Television I've seen since I've joined IMDb that I felt deserved a perfect score of 10*, "Mac Bang Dennis' Mom" is Comedy perfection. It is comparable to the likes of South Parks genius "Scott Tenorman Must Die" in that it includes the best of crude humor, plot twists, and raw character interaction. From what I've seen so far from 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' plots are able to develop effortlessly in less than 30 minutes. Its something that hasn't been done so easily since the early seasons of South Park, and Seinfeld before that. I think for anyone wondering what the show is really like, the best example would be within the first episodes of season two where the shows grit meets its abstract humor. If nothing else give it a shot, because for once the laughs aren't cheap, the plots are current, and the characters mesh well.

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The kind of episode that will leave you breathless., 19 May 2010

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Writing doesn't come like this anymore. If it does, its few and far between from the consistency that HBO's "Six Feet Under", "The Wire", and "The Soprano's" were able to give us. In this episode, or the episode where "aspirin" becomes a hell of a drug, its the dialogue and the mystic that carries the show. The beginning is perhaps the most devastating death so far, and it really allows for a few characters such as Claire and Nate to have some great scenes. Meanwhile, David finds himself a new guy who is much more new age than he is which leads to countless problems and a great scene with Ruth.

Overall, this has been the best episode yet, it brought back the humor of the pilot and some of the writing was simply brilliant. While Rico was noticeably absent, and the overall plot line didn't take a huge step forward, this episode stands great on its own.

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Pure, 17 May 2010

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Simply put, this was one of the best Pilot's I've ever seen. Never has a show ever been able to put itself on track so quickly as "Six Feet Under" did here. A lot of credit goes to the performances which were simply brilliant. There were a lot of laughs, thrills and dramatic pieces set throughout which isn't something you often see episode 1 of a show.

The irony of death is what makes this first episode so fantastic. The family is brought together by the death of their father, who had previously run a family owned funeral home. So this in particular episode revolves around death, within a death. The script was rarely shoddy, and often quick witted which is why I easily can give it 9*.

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Superb Television, 23 March 2010

I have watched an incredible amount of TV in the last decade, ranging from the Wire to Friends, from the Sopranos to The Office. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. After I was finished with Friends a couple of months ago, I decided to pick up the first few seasons of this show because of Jason Segal. I was hooked pretty instantly, the characters were intriguing, the plot looked promising, and the comedy was fresh.

As the first season carried on, I became interested in Ted's story. Rather than your average sitcom, it became a matter of wanting each new episode as well as enjoying the one that you were watching now. Before I knew it, I had hit the Season 1 finale: "Come On". As most sitcoms go, I expected to be unfulfilled with a needless cliffhanger, but instead I got something completely foreign to comedy TV (with the exception of "Casino Night" from The Office). HIMYM has brought the joys that I hoped it would, but it has never quite returned to the peak of the Season One finale.

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Not filled with laughs, but a needed episode., 7 February 2010

This isn't the episode of The Office that you would recommend to a friend who hasn't seen the show, but its one that if you have been following the show, should be well received. As many of you, I have felt a little disappointed in what The Office has given us in the last couple of seasons. This episode rekindled the memories of how great to us it was when it was at its best, with Dwight and Jim still having a rivalry, Pam and Jim still having a connection we can all relate to, and the rest of the workers being individuals rather than fill ins for the show. While it was hard to swallow that the show isn't what it used to be, it brought hope that it isn't entirely lost. I hope they wrap up what has been a sub-par season six on a high note, and end the show like it started rather than where it is now.