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This list contains names of Greatest Actors. No further details needed, just take a look at the list.
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This list contains movies that: 1) are not supposed to be played in front of any human being in full consciousness. 2) can make you feel stupid. 3) assume you are stupid. 4) assume you are an uneducated person. 5) while watching you will look at the person sitting next to you with an amazing facial expression and roll eyes. 6) will make you wonder what you could have done instead of watching them. 7) will destroy your moral/mood/leisure time. 8) are not supposed to waste money on. 9) are not recommended to watch unless you want to kill time. 10) Lastly, watch them if you like to comment on how bad these movies are.

Note that movies released before the year 2000 are not included. Thank you.
Also note that the list does not include any Indian movie; I will create another list for that and obviously that would be a long list. Thank you.

Alternative titles for this list:
1) Movies that I've rated zero
2) Stupid Movies
3) Worst Movies
4) Walk out of theater before the end
5) 100 Stupid-Popular Movies
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First of all this is my list and my opinion. It is also based upon the overall performance, film editing, directing, and popularity these TV shows showed.
Note that the list is in order of rankings.