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2 January 2018
I start off by saying I'm not much into the newer musicals, I like a good drama but don't like characters breaking out into song at crucial moments! That's just too corny for my tastes.

So on 12/30/17 in the early evening I had a couple of hours to kill...I decided to see Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman. I sat down prepared to see a great drama about PT Barnum when all of a sudden a song breaks out. I was bummed at first but then like the song and it "fit" into the scene. I was disappointed that it was a musical but oh well. OH WELL NOTHING! This is one of the most entertaining, happy, great acting movies I've seen in a long, long time. (And I see a lot of movies).

Hugh Jackman is a great song/dance man. He's right up there with the likes of one of my favs, Gene Kelly, imo. His timing, his acting is spot on. To the point of I may like him better in musicals than dramas...not sure yet.

And what can I say about Zac Efron? This man was made for song/dance. That is where he shines. The stupid comedies he's made should be the very, very last resort, if at all. They are a waste of his time and talent. I was entertained by his acting and singing all through the movie. I found a new love for Zac.

The MUSIC is FABULOUS. I love every song...the melodies and lyrics were really good and totally fit the scenes they were in. I can't say that about any other musical that comes to mind. The choreographing was spot on, too. Every kind of body type got a good chance to shine, it wasn't just the tall or slim or pretty. Good job on that point.

I loved this movie...the colors, the costumes, the songs, the dance sequences all were perfect and exciting. I left the theater feeling happy and excited about musicals again.
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NOT as expected...
15 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I like Michael Shannon so it was a sure bet that I'd see Midnight Special. I had no idea what it was about, hadn't read any reviews and didn't hear any scoops. It's seemingly a "small movie".

Well! What a nice surprise (again M.Shannon never disappoints) to see how this movie played out. Very much like an old-style movie (actually felt like a black & white movie) with good characters, good acting, suspense and surprises. The whole look of the movie was solid and kept my attention from the beginning.

Kirsten Dunst, never one of my fav actresses, has really come of age lately. She's picking or getting picked for good roles and she's surprisingly (to me) a good actress. I'm glad to see it.

This movie is what M. Night Shyamalan started out doing...making good "sorta" si-fi movies with twists. Regular drama coupled with futuristic story lines with "alien-types" that is just sprung on you when you're not expecting it. Loved it. Entertaining and thought provoking.
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BVS -- Was I ever wrong on this one...
25 March 2016
I gasped when I heard Ben Affleck was going to play Batman. I could not see him being a super hero nor could I see him standing up to Henry Cavill as Superman. At the time I decided I'd wait for the DVD. BUT I could not resist seeing Henry Cavill be Superman again, so I bit the bullet and went today.

WOW! A great super hero movie! I am a big fan of Avengers and the like and BVS surpassed by expectations big time. Ben Affleck was a perfect Batman, maybe the best so far. Henry Cavill is a perfect Superman in looks and how he plays the man of steel's personality. Henry's acting is getting tighter, too. Spot on. I'm definitely going to see it again in the theater.

The whole look of the movie is basically dark but not as dark and grungy as Dead Pool (ugh). The action starts at the beginning and pretty much continues throughout the movie. Diane Lane as Clark Kent's mom is perfect. Actually all the actors did a splendid job as I didn't see them, but their characters.

For me, there were no corny parts, as some of these movies can have, just great camera work and special effects giving the 2.5 hour movie the feeling of 1.5, IMO.

The downside for me is that I will probably have to wait 2 years to see the sequel (which definitely has to be on the table by now, this one was so good).

So I admit, I was wrong about Ben Affleck being totally wrong for the Batman character. He did a solid job and went toe-to-toe with Henry Cavill. Loved it...a fun ride. (Henry Cavill is the most perfect looking man I've ever seen BUT that didn't color my review...much!)
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Spy (2015)
Cutely funny...
27 July 2015
I had a good time of laughs with this movie. Melissa McCarthy is a good physical comic...kind of like Lucille Ball. She's got good comedic timing and facial expressions.

Yes, she capitalizes on her looks but it didn't and doesn't take away from her talent but adds to it, IMO. Some things are just funny to a heavy girl on a motorbike falling over (that's in the trailer so no spoiler here).

OK, the language is rough but no rougher than any drama out there these days. It's where we are as a society so unless you want to hide out in the hills, it's what you hear. But gosh to hear it coming from Melissa's mouth -- it is funny because you know it's a put on by her character.

Jason Stratham? Well he definitely makes fun of himself, nuff said.

A fun time at the movies -- I don't take it more serious than it was supposed to be.
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Minions (2015)
Stuck on the Minions
27 July 2015
Very funny and cute movie. Some of the comedy is probably over the heads of the little kids but the visuals can keep them entertained.

The storyline is obviously a prequel and was interestingly written and flowed well into current minion lore. Since I did not get into the minions through the Despicable Me movies, I'm a late bloomer but definitely a fan now.

This was the first time I could actually hear real words that the minions spoke...too funny. They are lovable, adorable and funny. The new movie franchise I think as long as the writers can keep the stories interesting, clever and funny.
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Pixels (2015)
Fun movie -- HUGE Pacman...LOL
27 July 2015
I liked this movie...I think mostly because I was gaming during this time. I fondly remembered all these computer characters and laughed at seeing them so huge.

I wondered what the kids who did not experience the games of the 80's thought? Don't know if they get it. But oh well, I did and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Loved seeing Peter D. (Game of Thrones little guy). He is crazy and cute in this character. Adam Sandler does well because of those around him. :-)

All in all, I liked it and suggest you see it esp. if you remember gaming in the 80's! And remember, it's for fun.
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Mr. Holmes (2015)
No spoiler here - I want you to see Mr. Holmes
17 July 2015
The main reason I went to see this movie is Ian Mckellen. Great actor, great facial expressions and timing. Plus I was going through IK withdrawals after viewing the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy AGAIN.

I have to say this is indeed one of the best movies of the year. And frankly no surprise to me. Laura Linney added (as usual) that great charm and realism to her character. No special effects needed with this great storytelling. The scenery is lovely and engrossing with perfect details in landscape and home/building shots.

And Milo Parker! Another wonderful face and a very good actor at his young age. (How do directors get kids to act this way so naturally? It has to be a combination of talents).

There are twists and turns (as any good Holmes movie would have) and lovely emotion that leads to an ending that is powerfully, quietly rich and rewarding to the viewer. Really, don't miss this one in the gaggle of wonderful summer movies. I love the action, CGI- filled, fantastical, superhero movies, too. And this drama was certainly as entertaining to me as all of them. Just different. Wow...another good movie day.
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Sequels have been good until now
1 July 2015
UGH...just saw MM XXL and I left the theater feeling grubby. Look, I'm no prude and I really liked the first Magic Mike and was hoping to see the same kind of guilty pleasure with some good moves. Forget it. These guys just used their nice bodies in a showy, uninteresting way and there was very little classy hot dancing.

It's such a rip off when actors just walk through a movie because it's going to make money. Wait for the DVD if you want to see this. It's corny, sleazy, very little dancing by the guys and a stupid, stupid story line. This movie had no class at all as the first Magic Mike had...that one was good!

Sheesh, I almost walked out about 25 min. into the movie, but then I thought I could not give a solid review if I did. What a waste of my time. I should have gone to Terminator.
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Little Boy (2015)
A Nice Change of Pace on an Important Issue
25 April 2015
Rich, colorful scenery and characters, great story. I was surprised at how good the acting was in this movie, too. The young actor who portrays the "little boy" is spot on in his emotions and acting ability. Wow, a star in the making I believe.

When you can forget your surroundings and just get immersed in a movie for a couple of hours, it is a great thing.

We never outgrow our need to be reminded of some of the most basic and important things of life but I definitely say parents ought to bring their age-appropriate kids to this one. This film moves along nicely and keeps pace with your interest level! Since my own mother lived during the years the movie takes place, I can attest to the fact that it is pretty true-to-life. As I watched it some of her stories of life during that time came back to me.

Our movie-going audience clapped at the end of the movie. There was no way I could not clap, too. I really liked this one.
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Plays out like real life...
30 March 2015
I went not expecting too much, frankly. I liked "God is Not Dead" and figured this one would be at least as good. Boy! Was I surprised. Talk about REAL life situations...I've lived some of these. This movie is gripping and if one gets beyond the peer pressure out there, they would see something many people have lived.

Plausible scenarios? You bet! Good acting? Yes, good believable character portrayals. My fav is the character "Joe"...because he reminded me of a friend of mine.

I love most movies and see about 3-6 a month so I'm no novice to the big screen. This is not action-adventure although it had the audience (me included) gasping at a couple of scenes. This is not fantasy -- the most real-life movie I've seen in a long time.

I challenge each reader to get beyond whatever keeps them from a movie like this and just go see it. See what many people believe, live and have experienced in their daily lives. Not a "mamby-pamby" movie.
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Ah, yes...a good Tom Cruise movie like I knew he could do!
8 June 2014
I don't need to be concerned that I'll have any spoilers in this review. I like this movie so much and I would not even think to put a spoiler in my review but encourage everyone to see this on the big screen.

This is the kind of movie that I love to watch and for me, it's been too long since I've seen a good Tom Cruise movie. This is the kind of drama and has the kind of subtle comedy that I love to see in a movie. The action was good and paced nicely with the irony of the storyline. You see Tom Cruise's character change and grow as the movie progresses and that's good.

The supporting cast is spot on. I didn't see actors, I saw characters. Good fun. Enough said for me.
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Maleficent (2014)
Changing the story for the sake the one of the exec. producers?
8 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was definitely looking forward to this story and this actress playing the lead. Jolie does not disappoint, imo. She is beautifully sinister looking although they portrayed her character as a bit weak-minded, gullible and victim-like. I fully expected to see a supremely evil, beautiful and awful Maleficent! Not there. I gather this is because Jolie was an exec producer on the film and she has kids and she probably wanted them to see the flick at some point. So evil had to be turned into a victim. And the good king turned into a selfish, cheating, self-absorbed buffoon.

OK, enough of that, now on the to the entertainment value...I loved that part of the movie. The look, the CGI, the costumes, the makeup on Jolie was beautiful. Of course, she's got a good face to work with. I loved that they used that old Sleeping Beauty song that I have loved since I was a kid and saw the animated version.

The fight scenes, especially the last one, was awesome and moving. OK, so maybe it wasn't quite spot on in the storyline, but it was entertaining. And when those wings came back to rest on Maleficent's back, I was very moved. So yes, I enjoyed the movie and have come to realize that I must see movies for what they are...vivid imaginings out of someone's mind that are brought to the big screen for sheer entertainment.

So unless it's a documentary, I expect a lot of creative license to be taken and therefore I am rarely disappointed these days.
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Well Seth, you blew it...
1 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was expecting something at least sorta funny and entertaining. But alas what I got an overly gross, less than childish, stupid movie that hardly had any chuckles and no real laughs to me. The thing that made me chuckle the most was the "runaway slave" shooting gallery because it WAS funny and audacious to put in a movie. (I think we all need to mellow out and laugh at ourselves a bit more because our history can be funny/silly).

Anyway, back to Million...sheesh what a waste of time and money, IMO. I am thinking I will not see the new 22 Jump St. because I am sick and tired of so-called gross humor & from the trailer it is more of the same crappola. It is gross and not humorous. Ugh.

Charlize Theron is always a good actress to me and how Seth got her to play in this gross movie is beyond me. And Liam? Puleeze, he must have made mint to be in this piece of junk. Just writing about it puts a bad taste in my mouth. I gotta go see the other Million movie...Million Dollar Arm!
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While I miss Frodo...I am enjoying Bilbo!
29 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The adventure continues and just like the Lord of the Rings, Two Towers, this "middle" movie kinda leaves you unsatisfied. Mostly because you know what is just around the corner! Maybe two movies could have been better, as in LOTR, but if you love these movies you put up with the "middles" and feeling unsatisfied a bit! Martin Freeman (Bilbo) continues to carry this character just fine. I had my doubts at first but when I saw The Hobbit, I was sold. He IS Bilbo Baggins now just as Elijah Wood IS Frodo. The other actors play their parts exceedingly well, too. Will anyone ever be able to re-make these movies with others? I think NO unless they wait a generation or so.

As a reader of the books, I see that many small, rather important details are left out mostly due to necessity of time restraints. And to me this does not take away from the enjoyment of the story. Although, IMO, there are more missing details from the Hobbit tales than from LOTR. Again, this does not take away from my enjoyment of the flicks.

I love that Orlando Bloom (Legolas) is still doing great skateboarding-type moves, too. I cracked up at that. The addition of Evangeline Lilly is perfect as she is as much an Elf-like beauty as Liv Tyler. All the actors including the usual suspects (Ian, Richard, Andy, etc.) do a stellar job in portraying their fantasy characters. An enjoyable ride through Middle Earth...
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Grudge Match (2013)
You're still the same...GREAT!
29 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Refreshingly the same...two great actors doing what they do best and NOT apologizing for it. I LOVED this movie. It's got a good, fun storyline that is good for adults AND kids. It's got emotion and funny lines and moves along nicely. Note, it's not fantasy, beat 'em up sci-fi, good vs. evil, action heros, etc. (all of which I love, too). It is a nice movie about two guys who missed something years before due to basically a misunderstanding, a common type of misunderstanding that humans make.

Best of all I was able to see Stallone do a bit of acting, which, to me, is kinda rare. Yes, he is mostly his Rocky persona but with more substance. And Dinero...well, what can you say? This man has moved from strong drama to comedy to casual-type characters with ease. He can be menacing in one movie and really funny in another. I love these guys and their own acting abilities. And oh boy, seeing that beauty, Kim Basinger...she's good, too. I think early on her strong beauty may have kept her out of some roles. But now she can hang with the best of them, IMO. And she is still a beauty. Kevin Hart provides cute comic relief, too. He can be a bit over-the-top, but it works fine here.

Most surprising to me is Jon Bernthal. I remember this guy from the Walking Dead and I was glad when his character was killed off in that series! He's so good, I hated him! But what I see here is that he has a good bit of acting ability. He's believable (which is the main reason I hated him in Walking Dead!).

All-in-all, this is a good movie. Don't listen to the so-called pro critics. Gosh, I dislike how they pan some really good movies (like Depp's Lone Ranger, which was SO funny). What's up with them? I really miss Siskel and Ebert...they were most balanced, IMO.
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Well thank goodness for Great Movie Experiences!
27 December 2013
I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller hit it out of the ballpark with this one. His acting style and expressions were perfect for the odd Mitty character. The comedic timing was very good and caught me off-guard most of the know when you don't expect to laugh and then something so cute or funny causes you to crack up. Out loud. I was not too familiar with Kristen Wiig but her portrayal of Cheryl was spot on. She is interesting to look at and her demeanor really fit with Walter's. I enjoyed watching them interact. Shirley McLaine playing the mom was good, too. Actually I like Ms. McClaine's performances much better as a older woman than I did in her early movies. The CG stuff was not overdone and I did not see too many "oops" moments in this movie. You know the scenes where you can tell it was CG'd. I cannot end without giving kudos to Sean Penn. Another perfect casting choice as he played his character to a tee and was very believable. His ruddy, rough looks fit well with his character's profession.
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Just the WOLF...
27 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Best movie of the year"? Really? If this is the best we can get from a so-called great director, then we're really missing the mark. The story was totally lost in the debauchery, extreme full nudity, foul language rather than good scripting, etc., etc. I don't care about what a director thinks is "art" but for crying out loud, don't give it an "R" rating when it's got so much porn in it. Who paid off whom to get this an "R" rating? I'm angry with those who call this art. Art is taking a probably interesting story and not resorting to an overuse of trashy scenes and language to tell that story in an "R" rated movie. OK, sure, this man's life was excessive and degrading to the human spirit, but the actual story was lost in the crap I saw on screen over and over. I did not read the book so I'm not sure how close the movie stayed to it. But it seems to me that M.S. just wanted to push the envelope without telling anyone how much he pushed it until you bought you ticket and were in your seat expecting to see a good flick with a good actor. Disappointing to me and other than what I've already written, there is nothing about this movie that makes it noteworthy to me. Leonardo needs a great script again to stand up to his acting prowess. He's great...too great for trashy movies. I'm losing it for Martin Scorsese quickly.
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Hi Ho Silver and away!!!
4 July 2013
IGNORE any bad reviews of this movie. Here's another great summer comedy (also see The Heat) but without the R rating so it's a good family movie. I laughed and laughed at this movie. I was thinking it was going to be a serious take on the Lone Ranger (yeah, yeah I know...even with Johnny Depp). But very quickly as the movie progressed I was laughing and having a great time watching these two.

Johnny Depp is a master at facial expressions and this type of comedic timing. Sort of like Jack Sparrow but without the flamboyance. I was totally entertained the whole time he was in a scene in this "long" movie which went by very fast. The other actors also did a good supporting job with just enough drama to add to this movie rather than distract.

The scenery is awesome and the action scenes are beautifully photographed or green screened, CGI'd or real...whatever. I have nothing negative to say about this one...funny, no gratuitous sex, violence or language, imo. Just fun. What a nice break...I do believe I'm going to see it again!
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The Heat (I) (2013)
Not so serious movie
30 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I loved that I finally got some really good laughs at a movie that was supposed to be a comedy. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a comedy this much. The two stars, Bullock and McCarthy, are very good together (although I am not calling for a sequel because this one was truly funny & to do it 2 times is unlikely).

In some of the reviews I've read, it seems to me that some folks are just taking this movie too seriously. Enjoy it - it's a summer release comedy movie and it's just FUN. The storyline is not the main attraction here - the two ladies are and their expressions (esp. McCarthy's) and the one-liners. I mean, c'mon, "...Puss 'n Boots" ?? I was laughing out loud and wondered how many people "got it" with that line and some of the other lines. For me, this movie is the funniest 2013 release and the funniest comedy in years.

Just get your ticket, some munchies and sit down and enjoy it and let yourself laugh.
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Furious 6 (2013)
Got caught up to see what the hype was about...
10 June 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed this film. Totally unbelievable at times, but it's a movie for entertainment purposes. Not a documentary.

I had never seen a F&F movie, so I got the DVDs (except for the Tokyo one; heard it was not so hot). I enjoyed 1, 2, 4 and 5 so I was expecting to enjoy 6. Did I ever. I love the fast cars, the sorta over-the-top machismo of the guys and the idea of family. Taking the movies from the racing scene to heists, etc. is an interesting maturing of the franchise. How many race motives can you come up with to stay interesting and relevant? Getting into the heist-action is a good turn, I think. The guys/girls are growing up and it's nice to see some change while keeping in the great fast car scenes. Dwayne Johnson is too much (in a good way) and he seems like more of a caricature of a man. He's just so dang big and "hulking" over anyone else. But that just adds to the fun of the movie.

The photography is so good - to my eye it's flawless (and I'm always on the lookout for those details about the scene that are missed between "cut" and "action"). The character development is maturing, too, as we get to know these guys through the years. The funny lines are good and some are so small & quick, you might miss 'em.

Looking forward to 7 - I love it when you get involved in a movie franchise where you look forward to seeing your "friends" again. This is one of those for me.
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Now You See Me (I) (2013)
Smooth,cool and fun
4 June 2013
Loved this movie. Gotta say the "cool" factor got to me in every crucial aspect of this flick. It is difficult to be "cool" without being corny or coming off silly. Even Woody H. is getting to be enjoyable to me and he's never been one of my fav actors. The storyline is simple and it moves fast with no time to get bored. Each character is acted out really slick, not superficially deep (although I would have enjoyed more character development) and kept my attention.

The two heavies, M. Freeman & M. Caine, were very good, of course, and give the movie two solid performances that complement very well the other cast members. Mark Ruffalo was spot on - gosh he's good, why hasn't he made more movies I wonder? (Love him as the Hulk).

Jesse Eisenberg is so dang believable that he better do something else quick or he's going to be forever etched in my mind as an illusionist! His character's glances and demeanor are great with, to me, an underlying sense of he can't believe how good he & the other 3 are at what they do. I loved that about each character - they weren't arrogant to the point of unbelievability or boredom. It's like they all were on a ride they could hardly believe. LOL, I kept looking at Isla Fisher and thinking, "Is that Amy Adams?" But I knew it couldn't be. And Dave Franco - the look-alike baby Franco brother did a good job with his smaller part.

I know I've said it already, but this movie is cool. It had me believing that the tricks could be done. One of the best movies for what it is - entertainment, plain and simple. My friend and I left saying, "good movie, I liked that." Definitely a big screen movie.

Oh, and guess what? They guessed the card I & my friend picked! How'd they do that??
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"It coulda been a contender..."'
31 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, in order to enjoy this 3 installment I thought I should get the first two DVDs. I did and enjoyed them for the most part. Gotta say, Bradley Cooper only gets better looking so the eye candy factor was worth sitting through some of these movies.

I was looking forward to #3. I found it to be the smartest one with regard to the comedy aspect. Some of the physical comedy, glances and lines were really good. I liked the storyline, too. Totally unbelievable but entertaining. As the movie was coming to an end I was feeling happy and satisfied...and then came the ending. Really? Did he have to do that? Did he have to show that? And frankly, that was not even funny...not the line, not the delivery, not the uh, er...well, nothing was funny about the ending.

For me that took this movie and put it right in the corn-ball trash category. They did not have to go for the shock value and I don't know why someone who could didn't stop it. From classy comedy to trashy, that's how it was for me. Puleeze.
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The Iceman (2012)
Now this is good acting...
31 May 2013
Michael Shannon should get at least an Academy Award for his performance in this movie. This guy can act and you lose the person and totally see the characters he portrays. Reminds me of Daniel Day Lewis.

Anyway, I had never heard of this Kuklinsky person and it was interesting to see his story. The multiplicity of his lifestyle had to be a killer (no pun intended) to live out. I don't know of many actors who could go from one to the other so effortlessly. From cold-hearted killer to nice person to ragging man to loving husband and father. Michael Shannon can do this well. And those subtle expressions of his! They're great. Icy. Kind. Murderous.

I'm not a fan of Winona Ryder but I liked her portrayal of the Mrs. in this movie. She was believable and really had the suffering wife thing down.

While leaving the movie I ran into a gentleman who had watched the actual documentary of Kuklinsky's life and he said the movie was a good portrayal of the facts. That is a good thing to hear because this kind of story like lends itself to Hollywood sensationalism. And while some of that may have happened, it was a good movie about a bad man. Did I feel sorry for Kuklinsky at the end? Yes...well actually it was pity that I felt.
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Epic (2013)
Cute yes...but title & voice casting is off a bit
31 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting to call this movie "Epic" because while it is cute and the animation is good, it didn't strike me as epic. Brave was more of an epic story, but I digress.

I enjoyed watching it on the big screen (but then I enjoy watching all movies on the big screen). The one thing that stood out like a very sore thumb was the awful voice casting of Beyonce. This woman may be able to sing and dance but, for me, her voice for the queen part actually took away from the movie. Why? Because I was hearing Beyonce talking and not the character. For the most part, she had no proper emotion in her tone and it appeared silly to me. When you are doing a voice-over for an animated character, you need to speak differently than you usually do or it sounds silly. I was so glad when the queen was snuffed out early on. The other character voices were right on because I didn't hear the actor as much as I heard and saw the character. That's the sign of a good voice-over, imo.

As far as the storyline goes, it was pretty good and the ending queen choice was neat, especially since the little "girl" had asked if she could be queen. I liked that. Loved the snail and slug, some of their lines were very funny. AND some of their lines could be missed if you were not paying close attention.

So, based on my review of Gatsby, I have to say again...stop giving into the big music money and leave Beyonce, et al, to the music industry...please. OR teach them how not to be so distracting in a movie.
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Music tried to be the star...
12 May 2013
This is a spectacular story...(done well by Robert Redford's portrayal of Gatsby all those years ago when he was gorgeous!). Leonardo DiCaprio stood out and was impressive (gosh he's good!) and that's the only reason this movie was worth my time. OK, yes, it was pretty to look at when you were in the party scenes but I have to say, the music was way too distracting for me. How can you take such a loved novel and put in today's type of music and think it's cool? There were times where the music was better because it was "period" music. But frankly, when you get into rap or hip hop in a movie that takes place in the 20's, that's corny to me. It took me away from the storyline into thinking it was a concession to the music moguls who were part of this production. I also laughed at some of the dancing girl scenes, wondering if some of those dance moves were done in that time! (Maybe they were and Beyonce, et al, are just copycats!). All in all, it came off as corny to me and I'd tell folks to wait for the video and read the book or see Redford's version. Gosh, I hope this director doesn't take on Gone With The Wind!
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