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Spy (2015)
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Cutely funny..., 27 July 2015

I had a good time of laughs with this movie. Melissa McCarthy is a good physical comic...kind of like Lucille Ball. She's got good comedic timing and facial expressions.

Yes, she capitalizes on her looks but it didn't and doesn't take away from her talent but adds to it, IMO. Some things are just funny to a heavy girl on a motorbike falling over (that's in the trailer so no spoiler here).

OK, the language is rough but no rougher than any drama out there these days. It's where we are as a society so unless you want to hide out in the hills, it's what you hear. But gosh to hear it coming from Melissa's mouth -- it is funny because you know it's a put on by her character.

Jason Stratham? Well he definitely makes fun of himself, nuff said.

A fun time at the movies -- I don't take it more serious than it was supposed to be.

Minions (2015)
Stuck on the Minions, 27 July 2015

Very funny and cute movie. Some of the comedy is probably over the heads of the little kids but the visuals can keep them entertained.

The storyline is obviously a prequel and was interestingly written and flowed well into current minion lore. Since I did not get into the minions through the Despicable Me movies, I'm a late bloomer but definitely a fan now.

This was the first time I could actually hear real words that the minions spoke...too funny. They are lovable, adorable and funny. The new movie franchise I think as long as the writers can keep the stories interesting, clever and funny.

Pixels (2015)
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Fun movie -- HUGE Pacman...LOL, 27 July 2015

I liked this movie...I think mostly because I was gaming during this time. I fondly remembered all these computer characters and laughed at seeing them so huge.

I wondered what the kids who did not experience the games of the 80's thought? Don't know if they get it. But oh well, I did and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Loved seeing Peter D. (Game of Thrones little guy). He is crazy and cute in this character. Adam Sandler does well because of those around him. :-)

All in all, I liked it and suggest you see it esp. if you remember gaming in the 80's! And remember, it's for fun.

Mr. Holmes (2015)
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No spoiler here - I want you to see Mr. Holmes, 17 July 2015

The main reason I went to see this movie is Ian Mckellen. Great actor, great facial expressions and timing. Plus I was going through IK withdrawals after viewing the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy AGAIN.

I have to say this is indeed one of the best movies of the year. And frankly no surprise to me. Laura Linney added (as usual) that great charm and realism to her character. No special effects needed with this great storytelling. The scenery is lovely and engrossing with perfect details in landscape and home/building shots.

And Milo Parker! Another wonderful face and a very good actor at his young age. (How do directors get kids to act this way so naturally? It has to be a combination of talents).

There are twists and turns (as any good Holmes movie would have) and lovely emotion that leads to an ending that is powerfully, quietly rich and rewarding to the viewer. Really, don't miss this one in the gaggle of wonderful summer movies. I love the action, CGI- filled, fantastical, superhero movies, too. And this drama was certainly as entertaining to me as all of them. Just different. Wow...another good movie day.

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Sequels have been good until now, 1 July 2015

UGH...just saw MM XXL and I left the theater feeling grubby. Look, I'm no prude and I really liked the first Magic Mike and was hoping to see the same kind of guilty pleasure with some good moves. Forget it. These guys just used their nice bodies in a showy, uninteresting way and there was very little classy hot dancing.

It's such a rip off when actors just walk through a movie because it's going to make money. Wait for the DVD if you want to see this. It's corny, sleazy, very little dancing by the guys and a stupid, stupid story line. This movie had no class at all as the first Magic Mike had...that one was good!

Sheesh, I almost walked out about 25 min. into the movie, but then I thought I could not give a solid review if I did. What a waste of my time. I should have gone to Terminator.

Little Boy (2015)
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A Nice Change of Pace on an Important Issue, 25 April 2015

Rich, colorful scenery and characters, great story. I was surprised at how good the acting was in this movie, too. The young actor who portrays the "little boy" is spot on in his emotions and acting ability. Wow, a star in the making I believe.

When you can forget your surroundings and just get immersed in a movie for a couple of hours, it is a great thing.

We never outgrow our need to be reminded of some of the most basic and important things of life but I definitely say parents ought to bring their age-appropriate kids to this one. This film moves along nicely and keeps pace with your interest level! Since my own mother lived during the years the movie takes place, I can attest to the fact that it is pretty true-to-life. As I watched it some of her stories of life during that time came back to me.

Our movie-going audience clapped at the end of the movie. There was no way I could not clap, too. I really liked this one.

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Plays out like real life..., 30 March 2015

I went not expecting too much, frankly. I liked "God is Not Dead" and figured this one would be at least as good. Boy! Was I surprised. Talk about REAL life situations...I've lived some of these. This movie is gripping and if one gets beyond the peer pressure out there, they would see something many people have lived.

Plausible scenarios? You bet! Good acting? Yes, good believable character portrayals. My fav is the character "Joe"...because he reminded me of a friend of mine.

I love most movies and see about 3-6 a month so I'm no novice to the big screen. This is not action-adventure although it had the audience (me included) gasping at a couple of scenes. This is not fantasy -- the most real-life movie I've seen in a long time.

I challenge each reader to get beyond whatever keeps them from a movie like this and just go see it. See what many people believe, live and have experienced in their daily lives. Not a "mamby-pamby" movie.

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Ah, yes...a good Tom Cruise movie like I knew he could do!, 8 June 2014

I don't need to be concerned that I'll have any spoilers in this review. I like this movie so much and I would not even think to put a spoiler in my review but encourage everyone to see this on the big screen.

This is the kind of movie that I love to watch and for me, it's been too long since I've seen a good Tom Cruise movie. This is the kind of drama and has the kind of subtle comedy that I love to see in a movie. The action was good and paced nicely with the irony of the storyline. You see Tom Cruise's character change and grow as the movie progresses and that's good.

The supporting cast is spot on. I didn't see actors, I saw characters. Good fun. Enough said for me.

Maleficent (2014)
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Changing the story for the sake the one of the exec. producers?, 8 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was definitely looking forward to this story and this actress playing the lead. Jolie does not disappoint, imo. She is beautifully sinister looking although they portrayed her character as a bit weak-minded, gullible and victim-like. I fully expected to see a supremely evil, beautiful and awful Maleficent! Not there. I gather this is because Jolie was an exec producer on the film and she has kids and she probably wanted them to see the flick at some point. So evil had to be turned into a victim. And the good king turned into a selfish, cheating, self-absorbed buffoon.

OK, enough of that, now on the to the entertainment value...I loved that part of the movie. The look, the CGI, the costumes, the makeup on Jolie was beautiful. Of course, she's got a good face to work with. I loved that they used that old Sleeping Beauty song that I have loved since I was a kid and saw the animated version.

The fight scenes, especially the last one, was awesome and moving. OK, so maybe it wasn't quite spot on in the storyline, but it was entertaining. And when those wings came back to rest on Maleficent's back, I was very moved. So yes, I enjoyed the movie and have come to realize that I must see movies for what they are...vivid imaginings out of someone's mind that are brought to the big screen for sheer entertainment.

So unless it's a documentary, I expect a lot of creative license to be taken and therefore I am rarely disappointed these days.

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Well Seth, you blew it..., 1 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was expecting something at least sorta funny and entertaining. But alas what I got an overly gross, less than childish, stupid movie that hardly had any chuckles and no real laughs to me. The thing that made me chuckle the most was the "runaway slave" shooting gallery because it WAS funny and audacious to put in a movie. (I think we all need to mellow out and laugh at ourselves a bit more because our history can be funny/silly).

Anyway, back to Million...sheesh what a waste of time and money, IMO. I am thinking I will not see the new 22 Jump St. because I am sick and tired of so-called gross humor & from the trailer it is more of the same crappola. It is gross and not humorous. Ugh.

Charlize Theron is always a good actress to me and how Seth got her to play in this gross movie is beyond me. And Liam? Puleeze, he must have made mint to be in this piece of junk. Just writing about it puts a bad taste in my mouth. I gotta go see the other Million movie...Million Dollar Arm!

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