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More than just cinema, 31 January 2016

I kind of feel like i'm in no position to judge this film, because that is what a review is after all, judgment. The reason i feel unworthy of reviewing this picture is because it is one of the best films ever made and i can not say that about too many films. This film is a study on the nature of man and all of what he thinks. It's a study on why we take action about pretty much anything. Beneath all the convincing and lecturing, the main character shows more than that: the psychology of the masses, the prejudice and it's roots, the mixed feelings of thinking that you're doing good even when not sure if you are and so many more. I don't really want to get in to the story of the film, not only because the film offers a quick and grabbing pull into it's universe, but also for not wanting to ruin the experience of meeting the cosmos that Sidney Lumet orchestrated for the audience. This is one picture that deserves it's place in the books of cinema history and in my opinion, a great 1957 masterpiece.

Hostel: Part III (2011) (V)
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The worst Hostel ever, 18 January 2012

I wish i could say simply "the worst hostel ever". This film is actually one of the worst films i'd ever seen. There can't even be a comparison between this movie and it's predecessors, this is by far a film poorly written, poorly directed, just made out for a specific type of viewer which i doubt can even satisfy. The film begins normally and the maker's thought that they could make some twists on who to blame as the bad guy so the movie could avoid clichés. Unfortunately, those twists last are directed so "cheaply" that my reaction was an actual face palm every time this film though it was being clever. None of the characters is a unique, interesting kind of person. The good guys behavior is one hundred percent predictable, some people that are presented as the bad guys are more than ridiculous and the villains don't really convince themselves to be so mean, even in the worst time when they seem to enjoy a face cut. The acting in this film is so bad, i had to stop watching and stare at the wall sometimes. But what's even worse is the direction. This film reminds me of some cheap 80's horror movie who's director is some failed writer who decided to try his luck on the big screen. In conclusion, this film should not have been made at all. All i hope is they don't make another one because honestly, after this it will take hard work to bring the franchise to the horror level of the original picture.

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The ultimate fake emotional picture, 2 July 2010

Watching this movie i felt stupid. All these fake emotions that tries to pass to the teen girls are awful. Its a movie made for money, and just for that. All the plot and all the action takes place around Bella once more (the main female character) and everything seems to be made for the female crowd to feel in love with Edward and to get impressed from Jacob (the two "lovers" of Bella). The script is poor, the director isn't exactly that interested to tell a story but to impress the females by showing highly emotional scenes between Bella and her "lovers" and finally, the actors are doing a great job in not doing anything at all. Kristen Stewart (Bella) changes only two types of faces (just the same as before)and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (Edward and Jacob) are just being over reacting to play the "perfect guy", for the ladies watching this movie. If there is only one thing good in this film, is the soundtrack that sometimes is very nice. But the whole package just screams "fake and only for teen females".

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Too false to be true, 10 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I met a lot of girls who actually Loved this movie. I had no choice but to watch it myself in order to make an opinion. Well, this movie is just marketing. The moment the camera showed the muscles of Jacob when he was taking of his shirt so he can put it on Bella's wound, i felt stupid. The director obviously didn't had to do low the angle of the shot, but he did it. Its a movie made for little teen girls, and just for them. The movie seems to lose direction, since the main character (Edward Cullen) is completely missing and the whole story follows Bella Swan in her search of her, the same time she has a flirt with another boy. The story is yelling that the creator is a woman who dreams of a universe where she is the center. Jacob runs here and there always half naked, and Edward always talks like "i love you" and "i miss you", even if he is a blood sucking vampire. For all this fake feelings i give this movie a 2/10, and a "not worth watching it", unless of course you're a teenage girl. In that case, you might like it.


Dogtooth (2009)
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Doomed Society, 17 April 2010

No matter how perfectly made a system is, no matter how dark are the minds of the people, there is always the thirst for more. As this movie might say, the characters are driven by their own father and mom, thinking that zombies are yellow flowers and airplanes are toys, falling in to their garden. The situation though, gets very upset when sex comes in to the equation. As the Satan itself, it gives the knowledge to those characters to understand more about their lives and live moments of pleasure, moments forbidden by the system they live in. Its a real masterpiece. My congrats to the cast and the writer/director. Its a step ahead in to the human mind, trying to tell us what the hell is all about. The "family" issue, as it appears, is more than useless, as the characters are doomed to face something out of their reach, but with many promises. Stand up and take a bound...

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a REAL horror movie, 28 January 2010

The fact with FACES OF DEATH is pretty complicated. Its shocking, disgusting, awful and at the very beginning tittles it makes it clear that it was made to shock and produce horror. Its really out of control. The movie goes on and on with death at all its forms, but there is no feedback; its just want to show you death. It says that its a journey to the unknown and that the movie shows how death experience really is, but to be honest, its just disgusting and weird. It doesn't go a bit further in to the death, it just shows you people and animals dying. But, one thing can be recognized about this film: its horror movie. There's a lot of movies calling themselves horror movies but this one really is. There is no much dialog, prologue or meaning. From the very beginning until the end, it shows death. So, as a horror film fan, i would say this is one of the best horror movies i ever seen. As a cinema fan, it's just a piece of b-movie filming recommended for special audience.

Bank Bang (2008)
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At last..., 28 January 2010

As a Greek citizen, i am deeply disappointed with our cinema. The most of the movies we produce and send to the cinemas are garbage (Soyla Ela Xana), and our really good films stay unrecognized (Dogtooth). I am very happy that we produced Bank Bang. Its a film with the style of "Snatch", great actors , great screenplay and amazing direction. Its a comedy, based on the adventures of a working man whose brother is having problems with the maf. The whole movie is s very good piece of modern cinema and i have to say that i can easily watch it again. My congratulations, therefore, and let it be an example for the movies to come...