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Final Fantasy VII (1997) (VG)
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breathtaking!!, 7 January 2005

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WOW!! Thats the only word that can describe it. From the second I loaded it up to the second I put it down I was mesmerised. It's not often that you can keep my attention for 100 seconds let alone 100 hours. But this did it!! The storyline was fantastic. I was completely taken in by the breath taking story line. It was so well written and I couldn't fault it It follows the story of Cloud who was a former member of the elite fighting group soldier alongside his hero sepiroth. But he left and became a mercenary. He worked for environmental group avalanche and after suffering flashbacks of sepiroth burning his hometown he decides to help them destroy shinra (a corporation who employ soldier). He pursues sepiroth around the world and finally (100 hours later) he faces him in a final battle. I'll leave the ending for you to find out.

The FMV and graphics was genius. Although it was as good as later Final Fantasy titles, it was great for its time (it's 8 years old now and the FMV still looks great). OK, the characters don't have noses, mouths or hands, but we can ignore that right? Genius.

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absolute genius!!, 7 January 2005

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Never before have I laughed so much at something!! Right from when Brent first says 'we don't give sh!tty jobs' to the end where martin runs off with Dawn, I never stopped laughing. Ricky Gervais was genius as David Brent. Brent is the man you love to hate, but he is just like many bosses up and down Britain. I've had one just like him!! Some of the stuff he comes out with is absolute genius! Mackenzie Crook was great as Gareth. I laughed so much as he licked Davids arse every episode and then burst into tears when Brent threatened to leave at the end of series 1 ("no, you can't have the guitar, have something I can replace" "ok, I'll have the hole punch").

Martin Freeman was an absolute genius as Tim. He's the character I can most associate with and he had me both in tears and in hysterics. The character of Tim was absolute genius!! All the other characters (Dawn, Finchy, Keith etc) all had me in stitches at some point. Keith and his scotch egg were genius!! The writing was magnificent!! Hats off to Ricky and Stephen (who had a cameo as the oggmonster). There will never be a more funny, better written example of British comedy ever.

And all this from a show that scored the joint lowest score when first review by the BBC executives. The other was ladies bowls if you're interested.

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what a film!!, 7 January 2005

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I saw this film over Christmas, and what a great film it was! It tells the story of Custer (played by Errol Flynn) during and after his graduation from Westpoint. Although I've heard that the film isn't very historically accurate (Hollywood never is) I still enjoyed it as I knew little of the real events anyway.

I thought Errol Flynn was brilliant as Custer and has since become my favourite actor! His acting alongside Olivia De Havilland was brilliant and the ending was fantastic! It brought me close to tears as he and Ned Sharp (Arthur Kennedy) rode to their deaths on little big horn.

I had always known that Errol Flynn was a brilliant actor as he was my dads favourite actor, and I grew up watching his films as a child. But it wasn't until I watched this film that I realised how great he actually was.

I'll give this film 10 out of 10!!

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what a film!!, 5 January 2005

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I thought that this film was brilliant! I only watched it as it got a half decent review in the paper, and I had nothing else to do!! Sean Bean's acting was outstanding, as was Brittany Murphy's (who looked very sexy in the film), and it had a good plot!! I thought Michael Douglas was OK in the film, but he didn't strike me as being a fantastic actor!! The ending wasn't as good as I thought it should be. The last 5/10 minutes were a bit of a shambles and the ending was pretty unclear, but apart from 1 or 2 little things, it was a pretty good film!! I'll definitely recommend it. But, unless you're a massive Michael Douglas fan, it's probably better to rent it than to buy it!!

Overall, 8 out of 10!!


"Taken" (2002)
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WOW!, 13 May 2003

This series was one of the greatest things to have appeared on TV for years! It got me interested in alien abductions and the whole idea of UFO's! The story was fantastic, the acting was fantastic, the writing was fantastic, everything was fantastic! I don't often buy DVD's, butt I forked out £50 for this one! A series this good only comes around once every so often! Genius! If you haven't watched it, watch it now!