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The next generation of big stars.
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a list of 64 people
wether it be at conventions,on the street, or whatever.
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People who have stood the test of time Imo.
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Some movies I like but suprised how much credit they dont get.
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My inspirations of why I want to be a director one day.
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People who provide the most ''Character''
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Directors usually cast a british guy to play the Villain. And im gonna honor the guys who do it best.
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a list of 10 characters
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a list of 10 titles
a list of 20 titles
Remember this is my list.
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The ones that I think dont suck.
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I know they'll probaly ruin it, but heres who could work for the cast.
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Make it R-rated this time. We wanna see some real fatalites!
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My thoughts on who did this character best in order.
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Just for fun.