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Cinema can be rather disturbing or violent, so why not list some of those films!

Get ready for a ride through the weirder, crueler, disturbing, violent, and disgusting parts of cinema!

And I would like to say first that I am not sexually stimulated by the violence in the film and do not condone acts done in the films.

This is a list of some disturbing or violent films that I have pulled together from other lists, read about, searched for, and even watched. The reason I said "some" is because I can't exactly list every disturbing film or violent film ever made because what may be graphic, violent, extreme, and disturbing to someone may not be violent to another person because of how they classify violence or what they are disturbed by. But you're likely to agree on at least one of these films! And, these films are counted by their concepts too, even if it does not exactly transfer over to the film as much as it could. Also, I do not count how violent a film is on their kill count because they may not die in a brutal, graphic, disturbing, violent, bloody way many characters could be referenced to being killed or be killed off screen. But, there are some movies on here with high kill counts that are on screen in my opinion but those movies have people killed in bloody ways and some disturbing scenes. Also, some of these movies aren't even violent because they don't need to be violent on screen because you can rely on character development and plot on that also. And there are some movies that will have cheesy looking scenes with horrible cinematography, lighting, and technical issues.

My list is constructed from other places on the internet and other lists on the internet and IMDB. I found some of these movies on eraserdead's "Depraved Movies You Shouldn't Be Watching", some on robert remines's "Films For the Critically Insane", Films For the Critically Insane II", Films for the Critically Insane III", and Shockumentaries / Mondo Films, some I found on Tim Wambolt's "The 100 Most Violent Movies!", cheshrkat-201-816157's "Disturbing but Intelligent Movies", Brian Ross's "Disturbo 13", and jakelovesdmartel's "you will be a diffrent person after viewing these films." And I also found some movies on various YouTube comments and some on YouTube videos like lbhorrrReview's "Most Disturbing Movies Ever" parts 1-6. And I also found some myself, but still give them credit for contributing to making lists for this genre and look at their lists!

Also I would like to say that a lot of movies on this list are plain down terrible but there are also a lot of good ones that can be counted as masterpieces so just because these are violent or disturbing films that does not mean that they are going to be bad films. And some of these films do have unique features like there cinematography and lighting. I do recommend a lot of these films and I do not recommend a lot of them too just like I said there a lot of terrible ones and a lot of good ones. Now I do know that my list is very similar in layout of description and list of movies to eraserdead's "Depraved Movies You Shouldn't Be Watching" But, please tell me films you would recommend for me to add to this list because this list will also always be a work in progress because there are always going to be films looked over and coming out.


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