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what a great decade to grow up with
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Acclaimed movies that most people love or rave about that just fell flat to me.
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These are the worst movies I have seen. Some are bad because of the era but most are bad because of big budgets, overrated, bad plots, horrible acting or just plain stupid.
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The best in cinema right now
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These people consistantly churnout dribble and mindless trash for the masses
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Shows that I loved that were cut short
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Ahh my favorites...not what I feel are the best movies of all time...just my personal faves :)
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Horrible plots, bad effects, atrocious casting or just plain stupid....
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If you don't like these you suck :)
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My fav of the fav! Can watch them at any time over and over and over!
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The bloodsucking best
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I mean really!
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