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Not really in any order. #712 and after are the movies I watched after making the list, and are in order of when I watched them.
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Films that are either:

-Dealing with mental illness and/or has a mentally ill main character
-Mind *beep*
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There's only two requirements:

1. I must love it.
2. I must have seen it at least twice.

I will add to it periodically. Not that anybody will look at this.
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My favorite:


I must have seen at least three of their movies to qualify.
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Heroes, villains, and the in between are all included.
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I have yet to see an acting performance from many actors that are considered great (ex. Montgomery Clift, Lawrence Olivier), so I apologize for that.
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These are the weirdest movies/games/TV shows that I have seen/played. This is a constant work in progress.

#28 and beyond is in order of when I have seen it.
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These are the movies that people can't seem to agree on, you either love them or hate them. While there might be some middle ground, these movies usually spark some debate in conversation. Oh, and on the Internet as well, but that's kind of a given.
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In order of airdate