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Much better than the 2008 "Cloverfield" movie, this is about a gripping & intense story and raw tension rather than special effects and crushing things., 10 March 2016

If this is going to be an anthology or if this is going to be followed by that rumored third installment that has been recently spoiled by J.J. Abrahms, I can say that nobody doubts about the secretly marketed "10 Cloverfield Lane" is a great movie on its own. And a movie that if it were spoiled by someone here or at any review would be cruel.

Since the start it reveals to be a movie that doesn't hide an ace, but a hundred.

The pace can be a little slow at the first half only to add more and more tension, hooking the audience and introducing them into the movie like they were one of the people inside that bunker.

John Goodman will be a real trend the future days thanking its superb performance. He's so twisty, complex developed character. He and Mary Elisabeth Winstead make the movie shine alongside the story.

The story is so little, then so game-changer, with twists and turns that are smart rather than empty. It's one of that makes you guess all the time.

The ending is more of a bang than a whimper. Even when it succumbs to the action and polemic moves, it will leave you on a grim and high note, pestering for another outing if it's any good like this.

If the "Cloverfield" that started it all was about speaking without breath and CGI scares, this "10 Cloverfield Lane" is about deeper intentions, deeper tension and personal stuff that is scarier than a giant monster. While the connection to that movie is not so remarkable until the finale, this installment is so brilliant on its own, so well marketed (without ruining any twist) and so well ended that will surely please any viewer who were looking for a damn good movie. This is a scary movie like the classic ones. Don't miss it.

Spectre (2015/I)
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Craig's Best Bond Movie, 26 October 2015

Just came out of the theater and I'm literally blowing away! As a moviegoer and movie lover looking for a good entertaining is simply irresistible not to like this movie even just a little. But if your genre is the action or you are a Bond fan-boy (but a real fan-boy, the one who knows that Bond is a dark killer with a great sense f humor as well a troubled human being and not just a fantasy and silly spy in silly missions with a handful of gadgets) then SPECTRE will be a total feast for you.

Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig give us another triumph after the polemic "Skyfall" and this time both have managed to get a perfect balance between that intimate psychology from the previous outing and the nostalgia from a classic Bond movie (with quality, not just passable) that hadn't had hit the theater in a very while. By that way we found ourselves in a very Bond centric movie (perhaps the only one in the whole franchise in which Craig is the absolute protagonist without being overshadowed even by the handsome villain) that explores and expands the character beyond the limits from the last third of Skyfall and a truly genuine adventure full of suspense and crazy twists to maintain the attention.

Across many places (Rome, Tangiers, Austria and coming back to London for a classic suspenseful climax) we found Bond getting started in a personal mission out from the MI6 (although later he will enlist some of his confidence partners with him) that drives him from a enigmatic widow (Monica Bellucci steals the scene alongside Craig) to a beautiful and looking innocent Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) until coming face to face to Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz doing himself stills being fitted for the role and gives chills in his scenes with Craig).

The story is bigger than Skyfall, Quantum and Casino Royale all together. And that's funny because this movie is really connected to all of them (another thing that makes me love Daniel Craig's Bond era). And marrying the credible word (political games, drones included) with the preposterous touch of any of the classic movies of Bond (Oberhauser, his hidden base, his plan) as well giving the Bond past a lot more of light and an effective closure by the end makes SPECTRE to succeed over any negative expectation and to give the audience the most entertaining outing coming from Craig and probably his best Bond yet (anyone knows if he's returning for another one even at another studio?). It's clearly a movie for those of you who are truly fans of Craig's unique run, but for all the haters too (because that lack of Bondish elements are there and most notably than ever).

The humor is back (a drunken conversation with a rat makes the funniest and most hilarious moment) even at times that you couldn't imagine (the torture scene is intense, much better than the classic one in Casino Royale, but handed with dark laughs at some parts). The action is crazy and shot with class (the one shot that opens the movie is the most beautifully complex the franchise has given us so far) and the script goes along the way without going down at any moment or being lazy. It tries hard to touch a lot of plots into a big one to the final part of the film and that implies to focus on some parts more than others. But all the movie wants to be seen and experienced is explored and is a hell of a ride.

SPECTRE is the most enjoyable Daniel Craig Bond film (and probably his farewell-with-a-bang), and the best Bond movie in recent memory. I did not exactly know what to expect for this installment after being put to sleep after the breathtaking Skyfall (so all the hype surrounding it) but not such a bold movie like this. If he (Craig) really leaves after this one, he will achieve something that Connery, Moore & Brosnan failed to do: say goodbye to the character on a stunning high. My personal ranking of Daniel Craig as James Bond: SPECTRE (1º) / Skyfall - Casino Royale (2º, both deserve it) / Quantum of Solace (3º).

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Unmissable (also hard and touching) finale to one of the best comebacks ever produced (A really stunning and powerful finale), 14 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WOW! They did it! And I truly liked it despite the very edgy and painful moments inside. Hands down! This has been one terrific season of 24. The best since the classic ones. The only one of the whole series which really got better episode after episode until reaching an explosive climax. Seriously! The time gap and the recovery of the energy and excitement have been great ads to the breakneck pace and really solid plot. These 12 episodes show that an entertaining show can really transcendent that easy title card to become in one of the top shows.

This final episode is the best of this special day without any doubts, but also one of the best of the whole show ever. Probably the best season finale since the seasons one or five. It's a unique episode of the show too because the time jump finally happens and works very well. We are familiarized with that usual 40 minutes that shows only one hour and this installment showing thirteen left me worried about it. But there's space for everything: action, suspense, character development and (more important of all) drama. The finale is powerful and shocking. Truly shocking. The showdown between Jack and Cheng reminded me the excitement and drama of that finale with Victor Drazen at the dock. But the better things were about to come along the episode. And it must be experienced. The bet that I made previous week was right: this is the most emotional episode of the series. Pure excitement and emotion, reward and betrayal to the viewers and fans expectations (but without lying to anyone), nice turns and fatal end ways. This episode is not just about the epilogue. It's more than a powerful twist (that I won't spoil, I won't be so bastard: you have to watch it). It's careful about the whole "hour" keeping you at the edge of the seat.

Sean Callery does a fantastic job with the soundtrack. Jon Cassar is a magnificent director. The writers have managed to deliver one ending that could serve as a series finale (or ending one kind of era inside the storyline) but leaving a very little of hope of a chance of returning (maybe using some new characters or testing new formats or story lines). My opinion since the beginning was that "Live Another Day" had to the be the Final Season of 24. I won't give away my personal opinion by viewing this finale (because I would say too much), but let me say that I'm impressed and satisfied despite the cracking nerve and the unstoppable tension.

Returning to the actors: Kiefer Sutherland and William Devane deserve Emmys nominations (at least) and the universal acclaim for their performances. While Sutherland ends Bauer on the highest note possible, Devane is the most shocking character in his one. His moments approaching the end were unforgettable to any fan and a class act for any viewer. Both are the most crucial roles. Tate Donovan also makes a great job one last time alongside Kim Raver. Yvonne Strahovski is brilliant as Kate Morgan (possibly the best Bauer girl because she is so flawless and tough that she could really live without him… a very interesting point for the future). The rest of the actors are very good.

Overall, "Live Another Day" is one of the best seasons of 24 ever made, a great farewell to the story arc and one of the best shows of this year. This season must be experienced for anyone (fans and other viewers alike) and its finale is a truly perfect and complex episode which leaves the bar at the unexpected highest possible. A hard and touching ending that has the closure that we needed (for better and for worse) and manages to end at the top of the game. If this is really the last one (at least as we all once knew the show), they couldn't deliver a better outing. Congratulations to everyone who made it possible.

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Incredible, Amazing, Unforgettable, Shocking... Tragic. I personally bet that the next (and final) one will be unmissable..., 7 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am literally speechless after this shocking episode. Without any doubts: the best that Live Another Day has offer us yet. Even I have serious doubts about next week final episode if that could surpass or live up the expectations from this one. Because this one has all the reasons why this show is still relevant and all the power that owns even after all these years and after a superb but more standard start.

You wont expect the twists and the tragic shocks of this penultimate installment. The reasons of Cheng's attack and whereabouts, the fight of Chloe to free herself from the Chinese, the sacrifice of Heller and Mark (the moment in which is confronted with Jack and Heller about his dark side with the Russians is the culmination to the whole story arc since the first episode) for a greater good, the Audrey's help...

Then you have the suffering from Jack and Kate. Two tortured souls in the middle of a global crisis. But the most important thing is not exactly that crisis, but their personal powder to go ahead and end everything with a glorious bang. These characters are the best of the miniseries and their plots carry the quality of the show to the highest possible after all that we saw from the 24 universe.

The performances are unbelievable, the script is taken to extreme levels and even having all that plots together in the final episodes, everything is approaching to a explosive and dramatic conclusion. Although I think that the best word is not dramatic but tragic. Really tragic. If my thoughts are right, get ready to watch next week the most exciting, epic and saddest finale since the first series of the original run.

Now everything is done. I'm thinking of this season like the last of all. Everything has been set. Now it's time to conclude.

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If all the "transitional" or "set up" episodes were like this one..., 30 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Live Another Day is running out of time and reaching explosive turns. If you thought that this one wouldn't live up from the previous one: you are wrong. This is entertainment at its best. And I'm considering seriously to place this special event as one of the best things that 24 has ever give to the audience ever.

The confrontation between Jack and Navarro is very well done and ended in a spectacular fashion. Also that nice comeback to the London Underground trying to stop Chloe and Adrian reminded me to "Skyfall" (what a shame that Jack didn't go down stairs by a more epic way).

But I think that the some of highlights of this episode were the interrogation time between Kate and Navarro (intense), the argument between Audrey and Mark (excellent Tate Donovan) and the high tension in the final minutes of this episode.

What a terrific ride! One of the best and most consistent of the series by setting up every important plot point to the finale. I hope that the finale will live up my expectations.

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Jack Bauer's attack is also The Beginning of the End, 23 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are one of those (like me) who were asking themselves why there wasn't silent clock for Heller in previous episode now you have your answer: Heller is alive. Another 24 trick! It reminded me the plot of faking the death of David Palmer at the end of Season 1. This twist is very shocking and it could destroy some expectations from fans or critics who were astonished by the balls from previous installment. But this twist opened another terrific and extremely entertaining episode for the series which while it doesn't reach the weighs from the previous ones, it delivers some stunning sets ups for the future and finale of the show. This is another blast!

The performances were great and the writing is bold and suspenseful. Jack Bauer finally has his own power in this unforgettable day and his action sequences and his deadly shot against Margot's integrity is awesome and thrilling.

Of course,there's more inside. The plot is bigger and has more interesting elements handed together very well. I will keep some things in secret to make you enjoy as I did.

The ninth episode may not have the exactly same excellent quality for me and the faked dead of Heller may earn some criticism or disapproval for some. But it stills being better than the beginning, earning another perfect mark overall, taking our breath away... And there are only 3 episodes left. And this is only the beginning of the end.

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Excellent way to celebrate the 200th episode of the show, 16 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Live Another Day continues raising its own bar and delivering reasons to make us believe that this is one of the strongest seasons of the series ever. This is one of a hell wild episode which relies more in the characters rather the action, but also has action and suspense to please any fan.

We have never seen the President doing the things that Heller done in this one before. It's extremely suspenseful, interesting and finally shocking. It leaves you pinning for more but also guarantees you that this could be the end. For a few moments, this reminded me the 18th episode of Season 3 involving Ryan Chapelle. That's the only thing I will give away.

Not just William Devane is terrific. Kiefer Sutherland mixes his deeper feeling along his mechanical and killer measures in this one. Kim Raver pulls the crying tear meanwhile Tate Donovan continues to support the cast in the same excellent way.

All the subplots continue to follow their paths and to connect into a big one. All the cast and the performances were terrific. The direction is great. This episode is truly powerful. Guys, the end is here. What's next?

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The kind of 24 season that I was hoping for, 9 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm truly glad of the return of this show, although I don't wish that it would return again. I want that it ends on a high. And Live Another Day had a good start to then becoming in a shocking and electrifying ride. It's fun, riveting and made with a quality script and moments. Things would be predictable or not so surprising. But the writers know that. Then the best thing they can do is to deliver fun, energy and then some.

The chase between the drone and Jack's car was an amazingly tense moment (one of the funniest outings of the whole series for me), also the highlight of the episode. Also showing Navarro as the mole trying to clean his way was exciting even if that kind of plots are predictable. The female villain has become in one of the best of the whole show from now on. The actions that she make to destroy any menace are being terrific and some surprising. This character is being a truly fresh and provocative addition to the legacy of the show.

And we have to keep present the Russians fact: they are getting closer to Jack and his actions for sure. Sort of Chinese in Season 5. Oh my... That could be a fantastic turn for this final episodes.

Live Another Day looks like unstoppable right now. If it doesn't succumb to silly subplots, extremely unrealistic turns or so-so twists in its final episodes everything hints that this season of 24 will be ranked ahead the last three and at the level of the golden ages of the show. Also it would deliver a fitting finale. Right now it's really better than Season 3 of Homeland (I say this because it's a show that is usually compared with this one and shares the same creators, writers and directors).

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Are the things becoming to heat up in the final season?, 3 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Californication is too much far from that perfect first and unique season that should been the end of everything. After that the show tried hard to reboot itself or to last its storyline until the impossible. This final season was just entertaining. But the ending of this episode was truly unexpected. It was shocking. The most credible word of the show since Season 3 finale or Season 4 first two episodes. And that gives me a little hope.

Will Californication find itself at the end? I don't want to see Karen dying but I don't want to watch Hank and Co doing the same hundred of times too.

If this twist opens the door to a climatic and nostalgic finale, I will be so happy with it!

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24 builds up the final hours of its special day... And that's cool!, 2 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is another proof of what this series is capable for in terms of entertainment, pace and tension. It stays true to the plot and also pulls the viewer into the thrill ride that the last 6 episodes would be. Don't forget that. With this episode the first half is over. And if I previously wrote that it could be a little less interesting, I have to say that after watching it again it's the best of the miniseries so far!

Jack and Kate working together is the highlight of an episode that works very well in the show terms. It feels rushed but in the best way. And the action, twists (Navarro is the mole game) and builds up for what is to come (terrific climax) is put together in a superb way.

24 can only surprise nowadays by the power of its characters and the power of its dilemmas. Not for its action or its urgency. But this episode is the best transitional (and the best pay off for some) episode ever and builds up the climax of the miniseries in a terrific way. Now there's no going back.

If this is the end of everything (24 should end, please listen to me!) it's gonna be a very big bang!

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