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An indisputable ranking of the MCU films from best to worst.
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The Best TV series of the last decade. It would be greatly appreciated if people could recommend shows in the comments. Watchlist: Deadwood, Rome, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Carnivale, Oz, Battlestar Galactica, Psych (i've only seen the twin peaks episode), Generation Kill
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A collection of all the movies and TV shows that i own on DVD. an asterisk (*) indicates that i own it on blu-ray
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Followed by what I believe to be their best film. Feel free to suggest more names in the comments
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A list of the greatest sequels made - this is limited to second parts in a series.
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At least from what i've seen
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My follow-up to my 2011 list. It's an evergrowing list so don't expect too many titles at once.
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In no particular order.
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Will be updated regularly. and also, there's a reason why I didn't include any episodes of Entourage...