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Movies of vampire, werewolf, and blood-sucking flying creatures
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Movies that have dragon, dianasour or long in it.
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Movies of Asian male and White (and few other non-Asian) female romances. Please leave a comment if you know any movie that I haven't included in this list.
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Tall (5'6" and over), beautiful actresses, singers, atheletes, and models.
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Highest award of the Cannes International Film Festival.
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Highest award of the Venice International Film Festival.
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Film trilogy: films with similar themes written and directed by the same director, that are not sequels.
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Berlin International Film Festival
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Great directors born after 1950.
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Great directors born before 1950.
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Awesome alien movies (with many alien species on or from a different planet) that I loved.
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In reverse order.
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Starting from the recent winners.