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Soul Surfer is Absolutely Incredible!, 1 March 2011

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This is such an amazing story that it's really hard to believe it actually happened! It's nearly unfathomable to think of any 13-year-old girl getting attacked by one of the largest and fiercest wild animals on the planet, having a limb ripped off, losing over 60% of her blood and being moments from death . . . and then having the fearless faith and determination to get back on the board less than a month later . . . going on to compete with power, grace, and dignity to accomplish more than anyone ever dreamed she would. She learned some of the most valuable lessons in life through this tragedy, and now her courage, her confidence, her smile, and her kindness has inspired countless people around the world who have disabilities, who have gone through equally traumatic tragedies, who have given up, and who have lost their faith. The truth is, Bethany Hamilton inspires us all to fight through the temptation to let our unfortunate circumstances bring us down to a place where we stop pursuing our dreams. Through her heart and her life story we see that God is good. Everyone, young and old and in between, in all walks of life, should see this movie and be moved to believe that they can do all things . . . and make their dreams come true.

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Dawn Treader is incredibly entertaining and deep in meaning!!, 20 November 2010

This is by far the best so far of the Narnia films! Loaded with action and adventure, really funny scenes where Eustace's attitude and twisted face provide many laughs, and spiritual symbolism that is so rich -- this film is a total winner! I loved Reepicheep's courage and dignity, and the virtue in spite of struggle of the Pevensies. Aslan comes through in the lives of those he loves in his perfect timing. Jam-packed with special effects, this movie is visually stunning and will be an excellent film for families with tweens and teens! My teenage daughter loved it too -- we went to a special preview screening last night. I'm definitely going to recommend this film to all of the families I know, and I can't wait to see it again . . . already!