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The dark world of John Carpenter, 11 September 2003

John Carpenter is my favorite director ever, well, a little bit after Dario Argento (Sam Raimi could have been; mistakes like "For love of the game", "The quick & the dead" or even "Spider-man" don't satisfy me at all). I have grow with "The thing" and "Big trouble in little china" and after being in front of the TV maybe more than a hundred hours watching those films (I don't exaggerate) I like them like in the first day... That means something.

Every director has his masterpieces and the crappy ones; usually those are after the great ones. Make a very good movie is to have to do a better one after (if you don't the critics could eat you) Ex: "Christine" (typical teen horror movie of the eighties) after "The thing" (simply one of the best horror movies of the last two decades). John Carpenter isn't as creative as in the beginning, but he still has something to tell with a little bit of taste. I think that he still have to give us another great masterpiece. In my opinion the last was "In the mouth of madness" and the no so great "Vampires".

"Prince of Darkness" is the second chapter of his apocalypse trilogy, being "The thing" the first one and "In the mouth of madness" the last.

I must say simply that John Carpenters true masterpiece is this trilogy and it's not the bottom of the barrel. They are similar films, but not the same tale. I think that if you like one of them, you must like the other two. Is more a visual horror movie with strange thing happening here and there with a confusing development.

I don't like to tell plots, a movie it's much better when you don't know nothing about it, and those that can come confusing during great part of the movie are a bigger reason to keep in silence. So, what you need to know is that if you like John Carpenter you must like this one. No movie (if it is slightly original) can be compared, I think, if they don't have a similar taste or if they come from the same author, so I won't compare it because I can't remember other movie similar to this (you know, the trilogy). I'm a huge horror fan too, so if you like things such as different as "The Evil Dead", "The hunger", "Killer Klowns from outer space", "Alien", "Dawn of the dead", "Suspiria", "Rosemary's baby", "Creepshow", "The Fly" (both aversions are great) "Legend of the hell house", "Bad taste", "The deadly spawn", "Re-animator", "Eraserhead", "Inferno", "Invasion of the body snatchers" (first two versions, Ferrara came a little down), "Demons" or many others... you might be one of my club... so give a change to this movie and prepare for an horror movie made with good visual taste. Carpenter is tranquil with a good use of the widescreen format (Before the DVD era I hated those fullscreen editions on VHS and I went crazy looking for widescreen versions of some of his films because I think that with this director you lose a lot without the "black bars") but sure he can scare you if you put your mind off and let him get you into his world.

This perfect world of darkness that will never come back again...