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I don't say that those shows are the best! I just love them and that's my personal opinion
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My favorite TV shows from the 90's
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No specific order!
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TV shows that deserved more seasons, episodes, publicity, promo etc
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This is my version of most overlooked & underrated films from 2013!!!
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This list is just my own opinion. Nothing more
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This is my own cast for a female version of The Expendables. Hope you like it.
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List of people/celebrities who were born in Ukraine or come from Ukraine!!!
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During many years I was hoping to see Alien 5. I adore Alien, Aliens and even Alien 3. Resurrection was disappointing but still had some really cool moments. And I'm not fan of Alien vs Predator movies. I don't want to see Alien's remake or prequel. I wanna see original 'Alien 5' movie with new storyline and characters. So, if they ever decide to make this film, which actors/actresses you would like to see in it?
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I love and respect all these actors and actresses and really hope they will get the Oscar. You will disagree with some of them but it's my own opinion!!!
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They already have the Oscar but I hope they'll get more
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Various genres in No specific order
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The title speaks by itself
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Again this is my personal list of favorite Bond soundtracks. If you don't like it then make yours!
I put Artists and only then their songs
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I adore all these films but almost all of them were destroyed by critics and some Bond fans
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I didn't put some "classic" actresses who played Bond girls. Please, don't hate me for that. This is my personal favorite Bond girls