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What distorts viewers like these who write about this film?, 28 December 2006

What distorts viewers like these who write about this film? Touching? Yes, by boredom. Heh, it not that I'm not caring about people, the Kurds, but this movie besides the interesting mountains & some music, which is repetitive, there was nothing much else of interest. It's subtitles besides. I didn't know that in that language you'd have to say so many words, & have so little meaning from saying so much. No money to make a more polished film means you hear so many jets that are suppose to be flying over, but they are never there, except for once very far away. This film is about cruelty & inhumanity against man (& women too). Depressing to some easily influenced & who lose their sense of self & boundaries. The ending is no better.

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As enjoyable as "Muntiny on the Bounty", 23 March 2006

A lovely film to watch for a modern audience if one can see it as it is, a 1932 film with its targeted audience. To enjoy any film requires a suspension of belief. After all it's just flickering lights on a screen wall. But for those with an openness & romantic spirit, even with the artificial, high tech volcano scenes of the day, this is good attitude adjustment of modern life in civilization. Dolores Del Rio was considered the most beautiful woman in film, & she doesn't dissappoint in this film. I felt the film should have done better at the box office & gathered some academy awards, etc. The beauty of the exotic scenes were not so familiar as they are today & the sensuality was unusually well done, especially in that day. I'm afraid the film Code that came out 3 yrs. later permanently perverted the authentic, individualistic creativity of the industry. The movie themes were in contrast to the fearful, "control-freak" reactionary ways that still exists today, & can be seen in other cultures & decades. Ah, the taboo against self-expression, especially one's sensuality & being in control of ones life - whether it's involving one's ovaries or being forced to kill or be killed & destroy other cultures/civilizations (all in the name of good-intention's or anti-terrorism).