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Personal Opinion and in order. I grouped some of the longer movies series' at the end. An ever expanding list.

Oi it's getting long...
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Not in order.
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It's only my opinion lol
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Rated from most enjoyable to least enjoyable (although they were all pretty enjoyable...but the last two weren't so good).
I realize it probably isn't the most popular ordering, however it's my opinion only :)
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The eleven main incarnations of the ancient time lord known as the doctor from the legendary TV show.

Just to clarify a bit, I did not start watching the show until new one came on, since then I've seen about half of the original show (but some of every doctor), the order may change after I've seen it all. I am not listing John Hurt on here, he is an excellent actor and did a fantastic job in "The Day of the Doctor", but seeing as how he was only in the one episode I am not putting him on this list.
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Know any more? Then let me know please.