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really struggling to find decent viking movies, cmon hollywood give us some more!
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-----in no order-------
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+ a few tv shows added at the end for an honorable mention.
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not in order.
please dont comment about how to define zombie films!
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not in any order
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not in any order apart from the first 12

just my favorite gangster / crime movies
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my fav British films (we don't call them movies in England!)
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not in any order. rules no zombie or vampires in this list
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------NOT IN ANY ORDER-------
no super heros or animated, not too geeky a list i hope! includes space, time travel, aliens etc
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Cult films are usually quirky, offbeat or surreal with a whacky plot! They are often considered controversial because they step outside standard narrative or technical conventions.
a lot of these have a dedicated fanbase even when the movie company expected it to have a limited following. i've also added some films which i just like a lot!
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