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This movie should be renamed "Hello?", 10 November 2012

OK, so my roomies and I were shallowly trolling Netflix looking for movies with hot guys in it to entertain us. We found the jackpot, however,TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN!!!! The guys are gorgeous, no lie, but this movie is better suited for poster form than video format, they'd make way more money. The only interesting thing about it was the driftwood statue wearing read highheels in the corner like something out of a rejected Annie Lennox video.... WTF?! The soundtrack is also horrible, with a heartbeat persistently throbbing like an AARP veteran waiting an EKG, or colonoscopy. After watching this I think I'd prefer the colonoscopy.

Try using the movies in this series as drinking game movies. every time someone says "hello?" take a shot. The only problem is you'd be drunk before you could even get to the second movie.