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Titanic (1997)
I love and hate this movie, 7 December 2013

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What can you say about Titanic not yet said by another person, or named in another review?. Titanic is, without a doubt, a strong film, a compelling story, a attracting one. I myself have a big love/hate relationship with this movie. In 1997, when it was released, and cynical 90's where at it's highest, I knew this movie was not going to be for me, I knew which was going to be my reaction to this film. We all knew James Cameron, he made "The Terminator" in 1984, Aliens in 1986, and "Terminator 2" in 1991, all of them decent (not great) action flicks, with one common denominator, LOTS OF MONEY. And that is James Cameron about, he spends and earns tons of money, because (Regardless of your love or your hate for him) he makes the right choices. Avatar sucked, just putting it out there. But what was that worked so much about Titanic?. We might say that Leo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet, or the huge budget of which we where all informed of. I want to think that it was the Leo-Mania, of women that time, after Romeo+Juliet and "Who's eating Gilbert Grape", or the fact that it got unbelievable amount of money for it advertising, or the good visual effects, or the Oscar swept, or the lazy, easy to entertain story, or the bland characters, which everybody could be identified with, cause it's easy to identify with so general personalities. I wanna believe that, but it is not true in a whole. Well, it's true in part, but the greatest factor of the success of this film, was truly it 's quality. Not it's story, nor it's characters, those where clichéd and bland (But entertaining, it was an entertaining story told a million times, not like "Avatar", a lousy story told a million times). The fact that Rose and Jack know each other for about two days and decide to risk their lives for each other is pretty distracting, but, what the hell, Disney did that to us in all of it's movies. So, why 7 stars if I think all this crap about this movie? Because this movie is great, really great, I don't want it to be, but just look at it, it's so big, it's so fancy, the costume, the production, the visual effects, the amazing cinematography, the pacing, everything was correct, and makes you feel this three hours film like a two hours film, you want more, and not because it let you expecting more, just because it was amazing, and you want to see that again. So, to sum up. I don't see this as a great story, and I don't believe characters where great, but technically it was one of the most complete movies ever released. Look at the Oscars it won. Best Picture, Best director,Best editing, Best Cinematography, Best sound, Best sound effects, Best costume design, Best art direction, Best Visual effects, Best song and best score. And I agree with all of them, I think it is amazing visually and has a great score, even if I hate "My heart will go on" (Maybe it was Celine's Dion fault), and acting wasn't awful neither, regardless of the blandness of the characters, Kate Winslet was very good, Billy Zane was a nice over the top villain, and Leo DiCaprio was Okey (Just okay). So, I really like this movie, I can watch it over and over, even do it's not at all perfect, or it has way more cons than pros, it's hypnotizing, its easy to watch, it was made with a lot of effort and it shows, it's full atmosphere, full visual, and a relaxing story and characters. PS: The greatest part of the movie was, without a doubt, the sinking, specially on cinema.

"Mad" (2010)
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Why don't they parody themselves?, 12 September 2012

I've seen this show every day for two months because my little sister loves it, and I'm quite obligated, so i can say this crap is NOT FUNNY. You know, I like parodies, in shows like "Robot Chiken", where they make jokes about good shows mixing them. Here they want to do the same thing, but with awful scripts and montages. I remember a joke with Julia Roberts telling Tom Hanks that she was in "Larry Crowne" and Tom answers "Awful", that was the only joke I like, that is sad, a comedy with 62 episodes and one only good joke, ITS NOT A COMEDY. Anyway, the magazine is pretty funny, the drawings are originals and interesting, I can give it like 7 stars, but the creators fu**ed it up with the show. I'm sorry, but I think "Mad TV" is the worst thing on TV now.

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The best western i've ever seen, 12 July 2012

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I watched this movie more than forty years ago the first time. I was a little, stupid kid, and all i liked about this movie was shots and coursing, but now, when my sons watch at this, I can understand the master piece it is. The history is fantastic, the characters are all bad asses with sense of humor, you will love them, the art direction deserved an Oscar, and the acting by the fantastic Clint Eastwood too, for not talking about the music.

About 2 years ago I saw "Once upon a time in America", by Sergio Leone. And I realized that this director was a master that deserved respect, remembering this movie. You will love this movie, I tell ya, your sons too, you maybe worry about the length, but that three hours are not wasted at all. And there are two more movies of the trilogy, but you can see this one as a separated movie. I loved it, it's on my personal top 5 rank.(with "The godfather", "12 angry men","Pulp fiction" and "Goodfellas") A little spoiler over here: the final scene with Tuco running at the sementary in just the most exiting thing I've ever seen, the music helped.