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007: The tale of the origin of 007; the coming of James Bond. How did James Bond get the 007? What he had to go through to earn that spot. I'd like to see the producers create an original story on Bond's up-comings in the 007 sector of MI6. Exploring the world of agent in the field against terrorism of multiple topic: cyber, corruption, war, power, etc; all factors leading up to the usual, "control the world and kill everyone in our path" situation. A fan cast of a new trilogy/saga of films, starting with the first of possibly many in the making.
This fan cast will include possible director(s), writer(s), and cast - including iconic supporting individuals: M, Q, and Tanner. Enjoy!
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Batman: Arkham (2018) the 1st of the new trilogy, hopefully, directed by Ben Affleck. This will be based on the Arkham Asylum story/video game saga. It's all opinions so don't go cry baby on choices of the cast/crew.
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Now that the DCEU have been expanding their properties, one of the rumored films is a Green Lantern film. This is a fan casting for the first film, that could hopefully turn into a trilogy. I'm a fan of the character, Green Lantern, especially the Blackest Night story is great. This will include protagonist, antagonist, supporting characters, and cameos; including the film maker and the main team (writer, composer, etc).
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A fan cast of who would play the cast and who could direct the film in today's film industry. This is for a fun fan casting from a fan of the classic Oliver Stone film.
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A Dark Knight (based on Arkham Knight part of the Arkham Asylum saga) 10 Years have passed since the events that happened in Gotham City. Batman must confront an old foe, Scarecrow, before chaos spreads through Gotham once again, but there's a twist to this story. AGAIN... It's all fan casting, none of this is real.
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Gotham City (following the Arkham Asylum VG saga)
2 YEars after Arkham Asylum, Batman has to find out who's taken control of his city alongside Gordon, Oracle, and other allies to save the city from going to hell. YES, I know the timeline isn't the same as the game; just wanted to give it more time. It's all fan casting, based on my opinions - don't be cry babies about who's chosen.
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Hopefully, Affleck's first of the new Batman solo trilogy.
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A tribute to my favorite graphic novel. This is all in my opinion, and joy to see what people say: positive or negative.
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A tribute to a great book. Wishing it was made in the 90s. Don't get me wrong, Salles's adaptation of the road raging road trip ride was great; and Kerouac lived in spirit of the film. Here's the cast, well two were interested in making the film in the 90s. The rest of the cast is my opinion.
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This is a tribute to Dark Knight Rises character, John Blake. Hopefully he may have his own solo film. This is the crew and team I decided would helm the project. My own opinion.
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this is my personal favorite movies that I've seen.
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A Story beginning with erosion on the beach of the Afterlife, if you will, going to our main character, Kurt. We learn of beginning before he got stuck in this ungodly land of unforgiven. A journey begins to unravel to find Kurt, searching far and wide to find him, his friend from the Army, Luke and sister in law, Roxanne travel to find him. Melanie, his wife, now widow becomes a different person slowly and undergoes a transformation of mentality. Kurt must find the 'Door' to lead him back home before a tragedy comes to past , taking Kurt by storm and leading to insanity. A supporting cast of characters, show a study of how people can help one another in times of desperation, loneliness and curiosity. A Locket In The Open Sea.
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This is a list of Actors, Actresses and Directors that I would want to work with in Hollywood.
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My favorite actresses in film and television in no particular order....
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I'm a screenwriter, so I'd figure putting up a list of screenwriters that I like. They're in no particular order...
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the greatest directors of all opinin...
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The Western that i've written is called: HEAVEN and HELL. The story of God and Satan being on Earth one whole year being tested by their father, Ying Yang, for approval of the throne though one could be in the spot. So, a battle between Good and Evil collide. The setting takes place in the Dessert where civilization is surrounded by Isolation. Along the way Jehovah enlists more to his Army, for the final battle for Earth has begun. FYI: i only thought of the idea b/c i've seen anything like this on film and I wish I could somehow get to make it happen. Why?: B/c it's an original story that I've written.
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I'm very fond of the novel and the story telling of Nicholas Hook and journey to the Battle of Agincourt. I'm a huge Michael Mann fan, and i think he'll put such great work into this great film. This cast choosing is all in opinion.
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I love the book, so I figure I would give a bit of suggests of who they should cast in this marvelous adaptation of Michael Crichton's final novel.
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This is a list of the future reboot of the Batman franchise. This is all opinion and all in good fun. Also, Christopher Nolan is producing the new Batman Reboot as well. BTW, I can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises (2012), ENJOY!!!
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Just a little list that I wanted to make. Just for FUN.
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This is a list of flims in which i've watched over the last 19 yrs of my life that i love to death....btw its all my opinion