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There's nothing better on a rainy day than some junk food, a massive blanket, and a great movie. In my opinion, such rainy-day movies should have three things: adventure, action, and gloomy art direction. Here is my list of the best rainy-day, popcorn movies.
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These are great movies for entertainment value, visual effects, degree of financial success, or just pure guilty pleasures who's titles are four characters or less. I mean, come on! Sometimes less is more, people!
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What better way to describe a movie then with color? These movies have a color (or two) in their titles, can you guess all of them (no colors are repeated)?
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Movies with actual numbers (not just spellings) in their titles (the list does not include sequel numbering).
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The list considers how well books have been adapted to on-screen format by way of final film quality and consistency with the original text. For this list, any movie that is 'loosely based' off of a book (such as Blade Runner) is not considered. Also, any movie that changes the book's title (such as Schindler's List) is not on this list.
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This is a list of what I believe to be the (or the best representative of a specific group/genera) most significant animated movies, TV series, and shorts ever made. The choices take into consideration technical and special effects achievements, honors, profit, style, and milestones in animation history.
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Ok, so I am not that old nor am I big on the indi circuit, but these 15 movies are ones I enjoy and my friends have never heard about before. If you are ever in the mood to watch a good movie but feel like you've already seen everything out there that's worth watching, give one of these movies a try.
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Was watching Bridesmaids the other day and decided to put together a list of movies that had great leading ladies who made me laugh.
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Growing up in the 90's was great; we had Pokemon cards, Crazy Bones, Furby, and Beanie Babies. But, we also had a great supply of television series that kids today just don't know what their missing. Here is a list of my favorite childhood shows (note that not all are from the 90's, but what ever I remember watching them so they are on the list) :)
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These 15 movies are works of cinematic genius, pop culture classics, and/or milestones for the silver screen. They are consistently referenced and parodied and everyone should watch the original works.
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These are either sad movies or movies with really sad scenes that will make you well up inside. They are in no specific order.
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I am not a person who is easily frightened when watching most "Horror" movies, but the following list are 15 that I actually find myself jumping at. (Please note, these are not the "Best Horror Movies Ever" types as that would have me include movies that I find more culturally significant than scary by today's standards (such as the Exorcist))