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A Long Time Ago I Prayed for This Film, 14 March 2014

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I had a horrible time getting the movie to play, but it was SO WORTH THE WAIT! There were some things I wish were different and I want to get those out of the way first... so this is NOT a bashing post... if you want the good, skip down a bit.

1. Carrie Bishop was dead the entire movie. She was only seen in heavy makeup and pictures. WHY ON EARTH not use pictures of Leighton????? I understand not being available to film, but she WAS Carrie Bishop and the whole Carrie/Susan story was an entire episode in season 1, so that bothered me. 2. The movie started out with a summary (fantastic for newcomers) but during the reunion, the video honoring their "fallen students" began with FELIX of all people and did not have Lily in it at all! If the 09ers made the movie, why use Felix and not use Lily? 3. The sex tape. Who played it at the reunion? Was it planned by Madison or was she as surprised as the rest? How did Clemments not see the tape and connect the dots to the fire alarm? 4. I HATED Veronica and Keith's relationship during this movie. They were the model father/daughter pair throughout the show's run. Their relationship was one I dreamt of having with my dad. During the movie, it was so different. I know I know, 9 years had passed; she was a grown woman; he was trying to make sure she did the right thing and was successful... BUT COME ON! Where's the special charm the two of them had? 5. No unicorn/pony references. Enough said. 6. The product placement for Samsung... The samsung laptop, the samsung galaxy s4, the samsung tablet... it was all a little annoying and relatively unnecessary seeing as we, the fans, funded the movie through the kickstarter campaign and they should not have needed much extra. 7. Piz and Veronica: I never loved them together to begin with, but I felt that during this movie, he was awful to her. Yes, I realize she took off for Neptune to help an ex-boyfriend and kept postponing her return to NY, but THERE WAS A MURDER FOR HEAVENS SAKE! Piz knew what he was getting into when he started seeing Veronica. Frankly, he acted like a baby and I cheered when they broke up. 8. Not even a mention of Duncan. Did I expect him to come back? No. What I did expect, particularly after the memory video with Meg being mentioned, was a simple mention of wondering how Duncan was doing as a dad (one line, that's all I really wanted) Okay... now onto the good! 1. LOVED IT! Loved everything about it (it's an expression, Geez)! We waited a long time for this movie and it did not disappoint! 2. I very much enjoyed the small nods to the fans (my two favorites are below) a. The Kickstarter risk: "She thought about restarting her moribund career with a Kickstarter campaign, but the potential for further humiliation was daunting." b. The 4th Season Trailer: Leo: I should've known. I didn't know the FBI was looking into the Bonnie DeVille case. Veronica: I'm not with the FBI. Leo: Are you sure? Coulda swore I heard that somewhere. Veronica: Another life, maybe. 3. Dax Sheppard's guest cameo... and Veronica's complete resistance to his charms :D 4. The mystery was a good one. Like the season 1 rape mystery, the culprit was under our noses from the beginning but completely blended into the scenery until the time was right. I had hoped that Gia would survive and be indebted to Veronica forever, but we can't have everything now can we? 5. We didn't find out who hit Sacks and Keith. Like all Veronica Mars episodes, we were left without answers to every little thing (I know this contradicts the point I made above about the sex tape, but the car accident moved the story along whereas the tape did not and therefore needed a conclusion). 6. I loved and despised the Celeste Kane/Weevil altercation. I felt that the whole thing came out of nowhere, loved that it took Weevil back to the "bad-boy" we all knew and loved, but hated that it was so rushed. This movie had so much in it that the Celeste/Weevil story could have made a great plot line for a sequel, particularly with the old corrupt officers under the charge of a new sheriff. I would have liked to see Veronica have the time to really investigate and help Weevil one more time. 7. I loved the incorporation of We Used To Be Friends, using street performers etc. to make it special! 8. I loved the hat camera. I knew from the minute he was wearing the hat what was going on, but when nothing immediate came of it, I was like "they dropped the ball on that one. Probably sitting on the cutting room floor"... in the long run, I loved that they made us wait, because it brought BACK the surprise after I'd given up on it going anywhere. So... this is rather long and probably no one's going to read it all, but that's my full review.

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The Best Movie I've Seen In a Long Time!, 17 August 2012

So, I don't have all that much to say, except that this was the best movie I've seen in a long time. I saw it yesterday and had chills the entire time. I laughed and cried, but I left the theatre with a smile on my face that lasted the entire day. Although marketed as a kids movie, it is far better for teens and adults to see. I believe that this movie should be shown in schools to teach tolerance and understanding of those who are different. I'm a special education teacher and I also work at the movie theatre. I was awed by the depth of the film, and as I told guests when they purchased their tickets, it was simply fabulous. I had many guests come back to me when they were finished watching it saying that they loved it too. Please spread the word that this movie is a must see. The only way it will gain legs in this box office is by word of mouth. GO SEE IT! you won't regret it!