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Entertaining "Warriors" and "Escape from NY" rip off, 20 July 2011

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The Bronx is a no-mans land. Gangs run it, and the rest of NYC avoids it all costs. A girl runs into the Bronx and she is rescued by Trash's gang. Trash (Mark Gregory) is a really terrible actor and is very girly when he runs, or does pretty much anything. The girl turns out to be the next-in-line for the Manhattan Corporation, which controls the Bronx's fate. Hammer (Vic Morrow) is sent in to retrieve her and much chaos ensues. Trash has to fight through the Bronx to see Fred Williamson "The Ogre", who helps him fight off the bad guys. Many of the gangs that Trash and Co. encounter makes it seem like The Warriors, and the girl escaping into the no mans land gives it the Escape from NY charm. I missed the tap dancing gang, so check the uncut version.

The dialog and acting is OK. Characters talk tough constantly, the music is appropriate (drumming scene on the beach). Sets are all very cheap to give that vibe of the Bronx being the No mans Land. The action is solid, with generous slow-mo and explosions.

While it's certainly not a good movie, I would recommend it for the cheesy qualities, cool action scenes, bizarre gangs, and of course Fred Williamson, who is by far the best actor in the movie.

Really bad, 20 July 2011

It really is unreal how bad this movie is. It's only 1 hour and 20 minutes long, but it feels like 2 and a half hours long. The dialog is terrible, and maybe 10 pages of script in the entire movie. The plot revolves around a survivor of the nuclear holocaust looking for his family. "The Terminators" are killing anyone who is still alive. Gunfights and special effects are terrible, the budget was obviously realllllly cheap, and it shows. Everyone wears ragtag stuff, and it was filmed at about 5 locations. A field, a forest, a home, a supermarket, and a freeway underpass. Pretty much wherever they could film for free.

No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Avoid at all costs

Actually enjoyed it more then the first one., 20 July 2011

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Although I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, its not really that good. The plot is pretty much Escape from NY,the characters are stupid, and not interesting at all. The dubbing is poor, but there is a ton of quality action. Slow motion, explosions, and shootouts. The shootout towards the end of the movie is excellent with many great slow motion shots and explosions that are completely unrealistic. The best occurring when a shotgun blows up a Porsche in one hit. The plot revolves around the gangs in the Bronx kidnapping the president, and all of the bad guys trying to get him back. Oh and I need to mention that Mark Gregory's Character (Trash) is unbelievably annoying. He runs like a girl and says dumb stuff constantly. Other then that I liked it a little bit more then the first because of the quality action.

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Highly entertaining Mad Max rip-off, 20 July 2011

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I really enjoyed this movie. First off, there is an excellent chase scene towards the beginning of the movie. There is also terrible dubbing, especially with Crazy Bulls character. The plot revolves around a group of people who desperately need water. they send out an expedition to try and find out what happened to Tommy's dad and to find some water. Along the way the crew is ambushed by Crazy Bulls gang (excellent chase scene), and Tommy is captured by Crazy Bull. Crazy Bull starts torturing Tommy, and we find out Tommy has android-like qualities. Alien, a drifter, much in the vein of Mad Max who doesn't care initially about Tommy and his mission, rescues him. Tommys arm is modified so he can throw stuff extra far and hard. Alien meets up with an old flame, Trash at a junkyard where Tommys arm is fixed, and together they help Tommy on his mission for water.

This is a highly enjoyable movie, and has almost no dull spots. Very heavily influenced by the Road Warrior, but it doesn't stop one from enjoying it.

Kinda like a Kung-Fu version of "The Departed", 11 June 2011

I saw this movie on the "Fists of Vengeance" box set with 4 discs of old kung fu movies. This movie concerns the Japanese (good guys) and Chinese (bad guys). The Japanese want someone in with the Chinese mob because they believe China is trying to take over Asia. So several cops infiltrate the gang with various methods of kung fu and Chinese boxing. So its kind of like "The Departed" but the mob doesn't have anyone inside of the police.

Acting/fighting wise, the fighting all looks OK, and most of the fighters are Bruce Lee clones, so there skill leaves some to be desired. Not a lot else going on in this one besides the fighting.

Really a crazy movie with tons of fighting. The print quality I saw was lacking, many flickers, and it wasn't very clear. The subtitles as expected were pretty bad, but the generous fighting made up for it. I liked it because of the fighting, but its definitely not for everyone.

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Mildly interesting low budget spy caper, 22 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watched this recently because it sounded interesting, and it was OK. The main character ("Peter Hubbard" played by Michael Billington) is a double agent who was originally working for the Russians, but now working for the Americans. The KGB finds out, and wants him dead. In real life, Billington was also a potential James Bond candidate, and it shows with his mannerisms and behavior (imdb bibliography). You'll recognize "Nicholai", played by Walter Gotell, who was General Gogol in several Bond Films in the seventies.

As for the rest of the cast, they are unremarkable, but do the job. The dialogue is corny in spots, but decent in others. Several action scenes litter this movie throughout, none really standing out.

Watchable if your like me, because I fall for any cheesy action/spy film.

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Really Solid Movie, 3 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know why this movie is rated so low. I think it is MUCH better then what other reviewers have said. Somewhat cliché plot but very exciting and suspenseful. Great acting from Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. The Cast - really solid all around, a bunch of recognizable faces that you cant quite put your finger on, and some big names. Harrison Ford leads the way, along with Gary Oldman as the Russian Terrorist. Both do a really great job. Xander Berkeley and Jurgen Prochnow both are other recognizable names. Berkeley does a really good job. Glenn Close.....where to begin. I did not like her at all in this movie. Really annoying and doesn't show much emotion.

The Plot - James Marshall(Ford) decides that the United States wont negotiate with terrorists at a big conference. Later that evening aboard Air Force One terrorists take over the plane with help from an inside source. Everyone thinks Marshall is off the plane because Secret Service evacuated him, but he's ready to fight. Marshall starts attacking from the shadows, and Korshunov(Oldman) is slowly losing his patience. Marshall eventually is caught, and confronts Korshunov for the first time.

Comments - Reminds me strongly of Passenger 57 (with Marshall sneaking around) + Executive Decision + Cliffhanger (plane rescue at the end). But the mix works well, as it is as tense and exciting as any movie! Recommended

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Overrated and Over-hyped like Pulp Fiction. Pointless movie., 29 January 2011

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I really don't get all of the hype around this movie. Everyone always talks about how its such a classic, and how "Tarantino is the voice of our generation". The plot is about a bunch of thieves with code names who are trying to rob a bank, and one of the crew happens to be a cop. In usual Tarantino fashion, he dices the film up into different parts - first is the end, and so on. He cuts it up so you don't actually see the robbery. Really annoying. The script is constant swearing. Really nothing more. The cast leaves some to be desired. Michael Madsen makes me want to hit myself in the face constantly. The ear cutting scene was a letdown. Tarantino can't act, he should of stayed behind the camera. Pulp fiction had a slightly better cast (Willis, Jackson, Travolta), but an equally horrible script. This movie looks like it was made on virtually no money. There are only 3 major sets, and a few other places on the movie. A giant warehouse were a good chunk of the movie is spent, along with the diner, and a car. In the end, I was not impressed. With all the hype and hoopla around this movie, one would think it would be better. This is not the case. Avoid this movie at all costs.

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Overrated and over-hyped constantly. In the end, Who Cares?, 29 January 2011

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Everyone I talk too always makes these vague generalizations about this movie and how "its so influential" and "its such a cool movie", "how it speaks to everyone", and "how everyone has to see it". I must of missed the message. Nothing makes any sense at all. I don't like how Tarantino cuts the movie into different parts, it gets very annoying after a while. For the script, what a mess. I can handle profanity, but it's just one after another. And then theirs that weird scene in the pawn shop. Really? Who wants to see that in a movie? It is a shame the actors couldn't do better with the script they got. The plot (what little plot there is) is about John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson trying to deliver a case to Marsellus (Ving Rhames). Theirs a bunch of useless side-stories and dialog that no one cares about. The only upside is the ensemble cast, which is really diverse. Much like the extremely overrated Reservoir Dogs, who really cares about what happens and who dies? I only gave it a 5 because the cast is good.

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Don't know why everyone is hating on this movie, 12 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before one watches this movie, one must turn off there brain. That's the best way to really enjoy this movie. History Buffs will want to avoid looking at the actual history, and just watch the movie. Myself, I am a Woo fan, and wanted to watch it in comparison with his HK career.

You will recognize of course Nic Cage, who's performance is boring. Adam Beach is solid as Pvt. Ben Yahzee. The rest of the cast is solid B-listers.

With Every Woo movie, ridiculous actions scenes are to be expected. This movie is rife with them. The scene where Adam Beach herds Nic Cage back to the Japanese camp is really good, as is the scene in the town. Tons of slo-mo, bodies flying everywhere, and nearly constant explosions. Really good battle scenes and action overall. To the movies downfall, there are unfortunately many cheesy scenes where I was rolling my eyes.

To best enjoy this movie, people need to realize that IT IS A MOVIE, and Hollywood will obviously take some liberties with the story. If you can look past the flaws, you can find an enjoyable movie.

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