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Watch Your Back, 25 April 2003

Patience is the key element in watching a mafia movie. "Knockaround Guys" didn't require any patience for me, and I was hooked at the first scene. This movie gives a formal description of friend and enemy. Who exactly is the real "bad guy" in a mafia movie? In most mafia movies it is quite obvious who the bad guy is, but this one will keep the viewer guessing. Berry Pepper plays the son of a well-known gangster. He, however, does not want to follow in the footsteps of his father. Peppers character's name is Matty Demaret, and he wants to be a sports caster. He has no luck finding a job because people know of his father's past. So, after a bombing interview , Matty decides that working for his father may be the only way for him to make a living, but Matty's father and uncle beg to differ. They believe Matty doesn't have what it takes to be in the mafia. After he convinces his father that he's got what it takes, his father gives him a job. Matty tells his father that he and his friend Johnny Marbles (Seth Green) will go out on their mission to collect money. Marbles flies planes, so he will be able to fly to collect the money. He was given strict orders to come straight back to Matty with the cash, but Marbles gets side tracked. He stops to get gas at a small airport, and leaves the bag unattended. The bag ends up getting into the hands of the sheriff, and he wants to keep the money for himself. Matty then calls his other two friends in to help. Chris Scarpa (Andrew Davoli)who is a sweet talking mob wanna be, and Taylor Reese (Vin Diesel) is the only one is the whole movie who actually looked and acted like a real gangster. The four boys travel to a small town in hopes of finding the money. Matty knows that if he doesn't get that money back, his father will be dead, and he will be a failure. This movie makes the viewer not want to take their eyes off the screen. I was very surprised at who was the real bad guy behind the plot. I think that anyone who watches this movie will be shocked at all the twist and turns. I would recommend this movie to anyone, because it was very easy to follow. I enjoyed this film.

Fogetaboudit, 3 March 2003

A mafia movie either makes for a stud or a dud. To make a classic mafia film work, there has to be a great chemistry between the cast. There is no doubt about the chemistry when Al Pacino and Jonney Depp are involved in the film `Donnie Brasco.' Al Pacino plays the character Benjamin `Lefty' Ruggerio. Lefty has been in the business for quite sometime, but still hasn't been recognized for the respect that he feels he deserves. Depp plays Donnie Brasco, a young eager man trying to make his way into the mob. The twist comes as Brasco is a FBI agent named Joseph Pistone, who is collecting evidence to take down a New York mob organization.

The main story line for this movie is a student/teacher relationship. Pacino's character takes `Brasco' in under his wing. When a new person is introduced in the mafia, the person who brought him in has to take full responsibility for all the actions committed by the new gangsta. So, Lefty takes a chance on Brasco, and introduces him to his boys. I found it interesting and funny when Lefty explains to Brasco, `When I introduce you, I'll say this is a friend of mine that means your good. If I say this is a friend of ours that means your dead.' From day one, Lefty plays as a mentor towards Brasco. He watches his every move to make sure his new boy on the job acts real gansta. Lefty even tells him to shave his mustache off and start wearing suits, because that's what `real Mafioso men' wear. Everything is going as planned for Brasco. He is gathering all the information needed to bring this mob down, and on top of all of that, he is the new hit man whom everyone can't stop talking about. Then the unexpected happened. Brasco character was starting to grow attached to his new life, and he was leaving his wife and children behind. He knew that if he blew his cover, Lefty would have to take the heat for it, and the other mobstas would kill him for bringing a rat into the group. Brasco couldn't betray someone who he looked to as a father figure. His marriage was falling apart, and he was growing accustomed to the Mafioso ways. The only thing that could set him on the right tract is his family and other co-workers. Does he do it? Does he betray the only man he has known to be anywhere close to a father? This movie is based on a true story. It is filled with suspense and drama that keep my eyes peeled to the TV set. This movie is a good example of life, respect, and honor. Some critics have mentioned that Donnie Brasco didn't get the attention it deserved as a film. This film is Oscar material, but didn't get the acclaim for it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is an Al Pacino fan, and knows what a good mob movie is all about. If viewers don't like the blood and gore of a mafia hit, FOGETABOUDIT!