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What I think is a best of the best list of movies and series, in the chronological order I saw them.
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God, I hate those! Including are some reboots and everything that is not the original!
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Movies and stuff that has interesting political and social meanings. Some may not be directly political but may portray some good examples.
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A list of movies I saw in theaters, that I remeber of. Conclusion: I have watched too many stupid movies.
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my favorite movies featuring these creatures
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What I consider the best movies, tv shows and video games that are comic book based. In no particular order.
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In no partiqular order
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A list of my favorite tv shows in the chronological order I saw them.
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a list of titles I like featuring the devil, demons, avenging ghosts, and the supernatural.
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The worst movies I have seen, in the chronological order I saw them.
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In the chronologial order I saw them
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Some great stuff with amazing atmosphere, scarring the hell out of you!
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In no particular order some underrated sequels, remakes and reboots. Not necessarily underrated though in all cases, but more like breaking the rule that the originals are always the best, and sequels are always bad.