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Æon Flux (1991–1995)
10 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Aeon Flux is pure awesomeness. Maybe it is just because I am a fan of dystopia/utopia and cyberpunk action. But well, Aeon Flux was much more then that. The shorts were great even though there wasn't much talking in them. When the dialogue came in I didn't mind, the lines were natural, funny at times and also highly philosophical when required. The relationship between Trevor and Aeon is pure gold. They have completely different views on the world but still they love/hate each other (although not explicitly stated in the series). The story never falls into corniness or cliché approaches. If there is something I can complain about it's the fact that the episodes weren't connected so linear action is out of the question. There IS a plot and character development unlike what many people say and there IS a satisfactory enough ending which leaves nothing unanswered. Character-wise Aeon and Trevor are very humane at some points, there is no real antagonist and even though the motives behind them are not very clear, they exist. The animation is top notch, the music fits well. It's such an eye candy-action packed-masterfully directed series! For those who say it's Matrix-like I have to say they probably haven't understood neither Matrix nor Aeon Flux which is pretty sad.

10/10 Awesome!!
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Elvis and Anabelle
12 September 2010
The people who gave this movie one star may have seen another movie.

I loved it even though I hate Blake Lively to death (see Gossip Girl) because she can't even act and has an annoying voice. But in this movie she was actually decent, not great but bearable. Max Minghella is awesome as always(one of my favourite young actors) and he kinda saves the whole movie acting-wise (along with Joe Mantegna who shines as the alienated father). The plot was great and original, the directing was good but what really makes this a 10 out of 10 is the overall feeling I got. I was left with a smile on my face even though this is essentially a drama. It makes you think about things and offers a pretty optimistic view on life. Like looking on the bright side. It stuck with me and made me go and recommend it to my friends. Repeatedly. Miracles exist and this is a gem of a movie. Period.
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In the realm of underrated movies with watermelons
20 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I must begin by saying I'm not familiar with director Ming-liang Tsai's previous work but this film worked for me just fine.I even feel tempted to check out his other ones. As other reviewers previously said, this movie has a certain mood. You either get into that mood or you don't. If you don't you'll think it's shite and won't even give it a chance. If you do then you'll experience a truly great movie that takes on an ever so discussed theme and gives it an original approach. The lack of dialogue,slow pace, the long still frames of the protagonists doing mundane things(be it porn movies or snatching bottles), the use of watermelons in sexual ways, the chemistry between the main characters, and the last(oh so shocking!) scene all add up to the overall beauty of this film. Don't expect a roller-coaster ride movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Don't expect to see a typical love story. Actually don't expect anything, that way you'll be much more open to what awaits you. I simply loved the analogies in this movie, the drought, the thirst etc. OK, I'll stop giving it away...This one it's not for everyone. It would be a 9/10 but since it's extremely underrated I'll give it a 10. Cheers.
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Planta 4ª (2003)
Underrated foreign masterpiece
10 January 2010
This movie is horribly underrated. It's such a gorgeous piece of cinematography. It makes you cry without being over-dramatic, it makes you think without being preachy, it makes you laugh at the hilarious lines delivered so neatly by the young cast. It's not a movie about cancer or dying, it's about living. I've rarely seen a film so original, about 70% of this movie is memorable and you can still quote the lines months after. If you think "oh another movie with sick kids that you are supposed to pity" you are terribly wrong. Their grief and anger is awesomely crafted in the few moments where it appears. The jokes are very funny if you can understand some Spanish, but if you don't you may want to check this out as well cos it's one of the best I've seen. And I've seen some.
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